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About Us
A Short History of

9 November 2002:The domain is registered.
15 November goes live with PHPNuke 6.5 and Gallery 1.3.1.
Early 2003: Dari ports the random block over to PHPNuke.
May 2003: Membership at explodes, the need for a new domain is apparent.
17 June 2003: The domain is registered.
14 July 2003: goes live.
16 April 2004: NukedGallery welcomes user number 10,000.
15 March 2005: NukedGallery welcomes user number 20,000.
16 March 2006: NukedGallery welcomes user number 30,000.
12 May 2007: NukedGallery welcomes user number 40,000.

That's a short chronology of events here at was originally started as a website to help my family members keep in touch with each other, since we are spread all around the continental USA. The forums were initially used as a means for "BBS-like" communications, and the Gallery was set up so that family members could post their latest and greatest pictures.

Then Dari learned how to program in PHP...

What followed was a flurry of development for the PHPNuke and Gallery communities. Block after block was released (with the occasional bugfix or hack sprinkled in). Before I knew it, my site was overrun with Nukers and Gallery folk. I started chatting with some regulars on the site, and we all agreed a new site was in order.

So, on 14 July 2003, the all-new went live. It was the first site of it's kind devoted to integrating Menalto Gallery into PHPNuke. As the capabilities of Gallery and PHPNuke expanded, so did the userbase and number of blocks at NukedGallery.

Now, NukedGallery has over 40,000 users. PHPNuke has made huge bounds, and Gallery has released the best photo management software available, Gallery 2. NukedGallery is keeping up.

What's the future hold for No one can tell for certain, but if the pace of development of PHPNuke and Gallery continue as they have in the past,'s future is sure to be a bright one.

Copyright © by NukedGallery All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2005-03-15 (36281 reads)

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