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Gallery2 Integration Package

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 4:12 pm    Post subject: Gallery2 Integration Package Reply with quote

You can download the latest package from . This is updated with every new release of the integration package. If you are using Gallery 2.0 - 2.0.4, you must use version 0.4.4 [] of the integration package. Version 0.4.4 of the package is no longer being maintained. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to the most recent version of Gallery 2 and to make use of the updates to this integration package. If you are using the latest release of Gallery 2 (2.1 or greater), you can use the most recent integration package.


Code: › 2007-03-14  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.6.3
   * Update: Add badge to theme.tpl of
     each included G2 theme.

2006-11-19  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.6.2
   * Fix: Sigh, shouldn't code and play with baby at the
     same time.

2006-11-19  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.6.1
        * Fix: Oops, forgot to pull the CSS out of the array.

2006-11-17  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.6.0
        * Fix: Corrections in Readme.html
        * Fix: New global var for G2's html.
        * Fix: Corrected block files to check for G2 html, and if present,
          use it, instead of calling handleRequest() again. This solves the
          double album/comment problem that's been plaguing this

2006-11-14  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.14
        * Fix: Moved eval($header) below isDone() check. Registry files and
          image downloads are now correct.

2006-10-30  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.13
        * Fix: include -> include_once in case files. Thanks to BigD.

2006-05-15  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.12
        * Fix: Modified SQL query to create config table. This should
          resolve the "blank screen" issue that users have complained

2006-05-09  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.11
   * Update: New version file location.

2006-03-02  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.10
   * Update: Cleaned up language files, removed unused
   * Fix: Added $nukeurl to $g2Uri and $embedUri defaults.
     Should be foolproof now. Updated Readme with new
   * Change: Removed $loginRedirect, since we don't show
     the login link anywhere. Updated config DB table,
     and added updater.
   * Fix: Update require statement for embed.php in blocks.
   * Update: Added check to block-G2_ImageBlock to verify
     that the imageblock module is available in G2.

2006-03-01  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.9
   * Fix: Forgot to declare $module_name.

2006-03-01  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.8
   * Update: Removed Your_Account hack from Readme.

2006-03-01  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.7
   * Fix: Oops, forgot to properly escape some quotes.

2006-03-01  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.6
   * Fix: Fixed the require_once statements that include the embed.php
     file. The existing statement didn't take into account http://
     type of entries for g2Uri and embedUri.  Thanks to kungfoo for the
     new code.

2006-02-22  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.5
   * Fix: Revert change that disabled export user functionality after
     initial configuration.

2006-02-21  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.4
   * New: Admin CP now detects if this is an upgrade from a pre-2.1 version,
     and prompts the user to upgrade accordingly.
   * Fix: Fixed bad sql query in block files (thanks kungfoo).

2006-02-21  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.3
   * Fix: Reintroduce changes lost in merge.
   * Fix: Block files now use proper URLs.

2006-02-20  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.2
   * Fix: Proper URL input enforced.

2006-02-20  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.1
        * Fix: Added language file check. If the user's language file isn't in
          the integration package, simply use English, instead of dying.

2006-02-12  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.5.0
        * Merged EMBED_API_DEV into HEAD.

2006-01-26  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.4.4
        * Fix: Fixed the missing "@" bug in index.php.
        * Change: New method for retrieving G2 module name in the
          admin cp.
        * Fix: If G2 admin cp lang file isn't found, default to English.
        * Change: New method for detecting MOD_NAME in language files.
        * Change: New message for outdated integration package directing
          to the ChangeLog.

2006-01-03  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * Fix: Changed ImageBlock file to include image size parameter.
           No version bump.

2005-12-31  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.4.3
   * Fix: Modified index.php file to detect when using Nuke Evolution.  This
     fixes the "blank screen" issues that most Evo users experience.
   * Change: Updated Russian language files to UTF-8 (thanks Lexaero).

2005-12-12  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.4.2
   * Fix: Variable name in block files.
   * Fix: Removed obsolete references in Readme.
   * New: Russian language files (thanks Lexaero).

2005-12-11  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.4.1
   * Fix: Updated Your_Account hack in Readme to reflect new configuration info
     that is stored in the database.
   * Fix: Updated block files to pull config data from database.

2005-12-08  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.4.0
     * New: Update checks performed when setting up the
       integration package, and when admin user visits integrated
       installation.  This lets the admin know if there is an update to
       the integration package that they should download.
     * New: Integration config info is now stored in the phpnuke
       database, old gallery2.cfg file has been removed.
     * Fix: Blank popup issues have been resolved (thanks to
       Vermithrax for helping debug and fix).
     * Fix: Progress bar on the user export now works in IE and FF
       (thanks to Vermithrax for helping debug and fix).
     * Fix: Solved re-declaration errors.  Added note in the Readme
       file for users of  old/new versions of PHPNuke and what they
       need to do to avoid the error.

2005-12-07  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.3.5
   * New: Added version info to ChangeLog. This paves the way for the
     automatic update check which will hopefully make it into the next
      release package.

2005-12-05  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.3.4
   * Fix: TinyMCE editor in new versions of phpNuke conflicted w/ the
     textareas in G2.  Added code to remove call to TinyMCE js files
     when in G2 pages.

2005-12-05  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.3.3
   * Fix: Hmm, removing old code broke more than it fixed. Re-added
     problem code and *really* fixed it this time.

2005-11-28  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.3.2
   * Update: Notice in Readme regarding rewrite module in
     integrated installations.
   * Fix: Removed outdated function references in

2005-11-21  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.3.1
   * Fix: Oops, deleted the init() function wrapper from
     modules/gallery2/admin/index.html.  Re-added.

2005-11-16  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.3.0
   * New: New popup window when exporting PHPNuke users
     to Gallery 2.  Displays a progress bar to show how
     many users have been synced.  This is a port of the
     user sync code from the phpBB2 integration.
   * Fix: Better error handling with initial user sync.  This
     should resolve most user's issues with collisions.
   * New: Code to add to the PHPNuke Account module to
     create a new Gallery 2 user when the user activates
     their PHPNuke account.
   * Change: Cleaned up code, removed un-needed functions.

2005-10-31  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.16
   * Change: Updated PHPNuke ACP with non-Alpha Gallery
   * Fix: Re-added g2addexternalMapEntry() function to

2005-10-25  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.15
   * Change: Updated Readme with explicit instructions that
     Gallery 2 must be installed in the modules directory.

2005-09-28  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.14
   * Fix: Typo in one of the filenames.
   * Change: Updated title to final release.

2005-09-22  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.13
   * New: Portuguese language files. Thanks to netmen.

2005-09-22  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.12
   * New: Italian language files. Thanks to Emanuele De Angelis.

2005-09-20  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.11
   * New: German language file added. Thanks to fulbrich.
   * Change: Modified ChangeLog format.

2005-09-12  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.10
   * Fix: Fixed two hardcoded admin.php references (thanks DavePC).

2005-08-30  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.9
   * New: Added Spanish language files (translated by
     Diego Vego).

2005-08-25  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * Fix: Minor CSS tweaks and alignment fixes in readme.

2005-08-25  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.8
   * Fix: Corrected module name requirements in admin files.
   * Change: Updated Readme.html file for RC2
   * Change: Updated Readme.html file for cases where Gallery 2 install
     directory is not "gallery2".

2005-08-14  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * Change: Updated README file for RC-1.  Better late than never...

2005-08-10  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.7
   * Change: Sidebar did not include G2 CSS. This fix takes care of that,
     but invalidates the HTML that is generated, since the CSS
     link tag is included within the body of the page.  Doesn't
     matter anyway, since PHPNuke's HTML is light years from valid
     to begin with.

2005-08-04  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.6
   * New: German language file
   * Change: Changelog format
2005-08-02  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * New: Added ChangeLog to repository.

2005-08-01  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.5
   * Change: Another minor update to sidebar block code.

2005-08-01  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.4
   * Fix: Fixed borked CVS commit in index.html and minor update to sidebar

2005-07-27  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * New: Stupid me, forgot to add image block to repository

2005-07-27  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.3
   * Change: Update Readme.html with new admin options
   * Change: Add proper versioning info to top of each file
   * Change: Language file updates
   * New: Image block now works :)
   * New: Sidebar block now works :)

2005-07-27  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * New: New readme file in HTML format.

2005-07-27  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.2
   * Fix: Got the sidebar working for a random image.
   * Fix: Added embedPath to GalleryEmbed::init() calls
   * Fix: Minor updates in admin.php file

2005-07-25  Dariush Molavi  <>
   * Change: doh..forgot the README update

2005-07-25  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.1
   * Change: Added check to verify Gallery2 is installed, not just copied to a
   * Change: Updated language files.
   * Change: Updated sidebar capabilities.

2005-07-20  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.2.0
   * Fix: Updated incorrect embedUri usage
   * New: admin setup page now tries to guess and pre-fill as many
     of the fields as possible.

2005-07-20  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.1.7
   * Fix: For new phpNuke compatibility, used $admin_file check in place
     of admin.php.

2005-07-13  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.1.6
   * Change: Clarified README.txt file
   * New: Added new admin folder in html/ to allow for users of older
      versions of PHPNuke to integrate without any problems.

2005-06-24  Dariush Molavi  <> 0.1.5
   * Fix: Slideshow didn't work when embedded. Updated to include
     javascript in header.

2005-05-21  Andy Staudacher  <>
   * Removed obsolete / duplicate readme

2005-04-06  Andy Staudacher  <> 0.1.4
   * drumicube updates his integration code. now, it creates users on the
     fly, i.e. user accounts (creation) are synchronized. update/delete
     user is still not synchronized.

2005-03-29  Andy Staudacher  <> 0.1.3
   * drumicube included dmolavi's css links hack.

2005-03-29  Andy Staudacher  <> 0.1.2
   * update in the name of drumicube.

2005-02-13  Andy Staudacher  <> 0.1.1
   * update of the phpnuke module for gallery2 integration

2005-01-23  Andy Staudacher  <> 0.1.0
   * Added the G2 phpnuke integration in the name of drumicube.
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