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NukedGallery - Paid Support Options

Having problems integrating Gallery and PHPNuke or phpBB2?

Want someone from NukedGallery to lend you a hand?

Need custom code developed for your website?

The wonderful folks over at the main Gallery site have tried to make Gallery as simple to install and integrate into PHPNuke and phpBB2 as possible. But, if you're new to the world of web pages, don't know the difference between FTP, SSH, or PHP, then you might need a little extra help.

The pricing structure for paid support is listed below. This is the same structure as that offered on the Gallery website, we are just trying to offload some of the burden from the already overworked developers. If you think that the prices are too high, you may still pose your questions in the free support forums on this site. Note, however, that paid support problems take higher priority over the forum questions.

The paid support offered here will only be done by a member of the NukedGallery support staff. We won't harm your system, delete your files, or cause any other problems in the course of our support work. None of your information (username, passwords, etc) will be shared with anyone, and once your problem is resolved, all such private information will be deleted from our records.

If your problem is a Gallery installation issue, please make sure that you meet all of the minimum requirements for a new installation. If you want a PHPNuke installation, make sure your host can support the database, etc. If work has begun on your request and it is found that the host does not meet the requirements, you will not recieve a refund. If you are unsure about whether you have FTP or SSH access to your site, please contact your hosting provider for that information.

Gallery 1 Installation & Support Services
Price Schedule
All prices are in US Dollars
Standard Gallery install or upgrade. SSH access available$30.00
Standard Gallery install or upgrade. FTP access available$50.00
Standard Gallery install or upgrade. No FTP or SSH access$50/hour, $50 minimum
Patch Installation$50/hour, $50 minimum Block Support. SSH access available$30/hour, $30 minimum Block Support. FTP access available$50/hour, $50 minimum Block Support. No SSH or FTP access available$60/hour, $60 minimum
Other CustomizationsNegotiated

Gallery 2 Installation & Support Services
Price Schedule
All prices are in US Dollars
Standard Gallery2 install, integration, or upgrade. SSH access available$50.00
Standard Gallery2 install, integration, or upgrade. FTP access available$75.00
Standard Gallery2 install, integration, or upgrade. No FTP or SSH access (Note: database access is required)$80/hour, $80 minimum
Other CustomizationsNegotiated

phpBB2 / phpBB3 Installation & Support Services
Price Schedule
All prices are in US Dollars
Standard phpBB2 install or upgrade. SSH access available$50.00
Standard phpBB2 install or upgrade. FTP access available$75.00
Standard phpBB2 install or upgrade. No FTP or SSH access (Note: database access is required)$80/hour, $80 minimum
MOD Installation$25.00 per MOD
Other CustomizationsNegotiated

General Development Services
Price Schedule
All prices are in US Dollars, based on size and type of business
Business typeAccess AvailableRate
Large, for profitAny$150/hr
Small, for profitAny$100/hr
Personal (non-business) custom code
Access AvailableRate
No SSH or FTP$100/hr


Payment is made in advance, directly to the individual providing the support to you. All support personnel accept PayPal for payments. For work by the hour, a minimum payment (typically one hour's work) will need to be made before work can commence.

If work agreed on cannot be completed, then a full or partial refund will be made. Note that if you request a standard Gallery installation, and your host does not meet the minimum requirements, you may not receive any refund (at the discretion of the support provider).

How It Works

It's pretty simple. Fill out the form below and try to provide enough detail that we can understand the problem without having to ask a lot of follow-up questions. If you can't answer all the questions (like about the operating system or the version of PHP) then take a guess and discuss it in the additional details box. Do not include any passwords in the help request! We'd rather not have your sensitive data in our database if we can avoid it. This is for your protection.

Your request will go into our database and you'll receive a confirmation code (both in the browser and to the email address you specified). Within 48 hours, one of our admins will contact you to discuss the problem and send you payment information. You'll know that the admin is legitimate because he or she will include your confirmation code in the email. You will then be instructed to send your server authentication information to this admin via email. The admin will stay in touch with you through the process of resolving your request. If you don't hear back from an admin within 48 hours, you can send us an email to follow up. Include your confirmation code in that email so that we can look you up in our records.

Please note that by submitting a paid support request, you are entering into a contract with NukedGallery. If you decide that you do not wish for our services to be performed, you must notify us at dari AT nukedgallery DOT net within 48 hours of submitting your request. Once the 48 hour window has passed, you are responsible for any fees for work done to resolve your request. Upon completion of your request, if there is a balance to be paid (ie for hourly work), it must be paid within ten (10) days. Read this portion of the Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

Help Request Form

Please note that help requests will only be honored if the form is complete, and if your help request specifically involves a Gallery/*Nuke integration.

Your Name
Email Address
Email Address (confirm)
Your Requirements
Operating System
Additional Details (optional)
Do not include passwords!

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