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Changelog for Gallery version 1.6-RC1-svn-b123:

2008-05-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b123

 * Fix: Arrow key navigation for rtl languages

 * Fix: rebuild capture dates recursive.

2008-03-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b122

 * Fix: Renaming an album-foldername in a subalbum ended in a wron redirect.

   Thanks to 'plug' from forum.

 * Fix: Warning when using fs_exec in windows.

 * Change: Admins can now always change their password.

2008-03-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b121

 * Fix: "view comments" should not be an option in thumbs view.
        If its an option anywhere, it must not be a popup.

   Thanks to 'plug' from forum.

2008-02-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b120

 * Change: Mostly code nicify, little wording etc.

2008-01-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b119

 * Fix: Captionator got broken in b112.

   Thanks to Kai.

2007-12-31 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b118

 * Fix: Forgot some NetPBM from change in b115.

  Thanks to vmole from forum.

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b117

 * Change: Removed setup/

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b116

 * Change: Use enhanced syntax of drawselect for separator in

 * Change: Added modules.php.patch as file to skip when building the

 * CHANGE: Do not turn down the error reporting in init.php

 * Fix: Clickcounter in thumbsview.

 * New: Add posibility to use an URLparam 'nocount' to disable clickcount.

 * Fix: Correct handling when $index is > #Photos in photo view.

 * Fix: Correct setting of $do_fullOnly in phot oview.

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b115

 * CHANGE: Renamed all NetPBM etc. to Netpbm

 * CHANGE: Lowered all functionnames starting with NeTpBm etc. to netpbm

 * New: Function getJheadVersion()

 * Change: Show warning if jhead older than 2.7

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b114

 * Update: horde/Browser.php from the Horde Project.

 * Update: Mail/htmlMimeMail class from Richard Heyes.

 * Update: Mail/RFC822.php class from PEAR

 * Update: Mail/mimePart.php class from PEAR

 * Update: HTML_Safe/Safe.php from PEAR (in commit 17324)
		   Note: THis fixes a DEBIAN License Issue

 * Update: XML_HTMLSax3 from PEAR
		   Note: THis fixes a DEBIAN License Issue

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b113

 * Change: Wording and code style.

 * Fix: Correct translation domain.

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b112

 * Change: Better ID Naming for multiInput fields in gInput()

 * Change: Set ID = Name if not given in gButton()

2007-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b111

 * Change: Wording and code style.

 * Fix: Correct translation domain.

2007-10-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b110

 * Change: Removed some white background in treefolder images.

 * Fix: fitToWindow was still not working 100%.

 * Fix: Little HTML fix.

2007-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b109

 * Fix: Subalbum-tree did not work when subalbum name started with a number.

 * Change: Jenskin and Blackskin nicifies.

2007-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b108

 * Fix: Download icon in thumbsview was missing.

 Thanks to John Schwaller.

2007-09-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b107

 * Fix: Url to photoaccess.

 Thanks to John Schwaller.

2007-09-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b106

 * Change: Black Skin changes.

2007-09-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b105

 * Fix: Removed unnice whitespace in image frames.

 * Fix: unnice wrap in "jumpTo"
 Thans to John Schwaller.

2007-09-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b104

 * Fix: fitToWindow was broken.

 Thanks to John Schwaller.

2007-08-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b103

 * Change: CSS consolidation for no-skin and jenskin.

2007-08-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b102

 * Fix: New function from b100 was broken.

2007-08-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b101

 * Fix: Better regexp for email check.

 Thanks to the G2 team.

2007-08-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b100

 * New: function getDefaultFilename() in lib/filesystem.php

 * Change: Local templates (without .default) can now be used.

 * Fix: Added 'up' breadcrumb in slideshow in case the returnToLink is off.


2007-08-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b99

 * Change: Renamed lib/Form.php to lib/form.php

2007-07-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b98

 * Fix: It was possible to bypass the voting permission.

2007-07-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b97

 * Fix: GR needs the user Agent. Now GR works again.

   Thanks to Brian Egge for fixing and sending a patch.

2007-07-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b96

 * Fix: Handle case where the featured item or the parentalbum of it 
		was deleted.

 * Fix: Popup code for some album actions was wrong.

 * Fix: Added popups/featured-item.php to safeToInclude array.

 Thanks to Kai Tomalik for reporting the bugs above.

2007-07-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b95

 * Fix: Use correct language domain lin lib/album.php

 * Fix: Add param for album options selectbox.

 * Change: Little css for navigator.
2007-07-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b94

 * Fix: Return from login/logout was broken.

 * Fix: Removed debug code in login.php

 * Fix: Make register button a popup to work correct.

 * Change: Some Layout nicify.

2007-07-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b93

 * CHANGE: Consolidate code for album commmands !!
		   - All code now in getAlbumCommands()
		   - New js function 'jopen' that handles popups and urls
 * Change: getItemActions() now only returns the options.

2007-07-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b92

 * Fix: Avoid js errors when clicking on arrow key for a button that
        actually does not exist.

2007-07-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b91

 * CHANGE: Created function getRootAlbumCommands()
		   Removed layout/

 * Chane: Added rootalbum commands in matrix theme.

 * Fix: Correct use for zero case in some gTranslate calls.

 * New: Added requirement 'votingOn' to surpress non working options.

 * HTML nicify at various places.

2007-07-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b90

 * Fix: Added more attributes that should be igonred in drawSelect2()

 * Fix: Better handling for options with no value.

 * Fix: Removed 'disabled' from options with no value.
	    Opera does not select a disabled option :-(

 * Fix: truncateText was broken for 'right'

 * Fix: Link on donation button was wrong.
	    (I hope have not lost M$ll$ons *g*)
2007-07-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b89

 * Change: Updated PEARs Mail/mimePart.php

2007-07-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b88

 * Fix: Forget the % from the b84 width change ;-)

2007-07-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b87

 * Fix: Show item options in thumbview only when more then 2 options are there.

2007-07-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b86

 * Fix: Urlencode return url in login.php

 * Change: Use same alignment as the thumbcell for the thumn desc.

2007-07-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b85

 * Fix: Title in login.php

 * Change: Icons for input fields in login.php

 * Fix: Wrong domain in gTranslate calles in lib/setup.php

 * Removed popups/login.php

2007-07-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b84
 * Change: login is now a real page. No popup.

   Note: Just for you B.

 * Change: Use wz_tooltips for description in thumb view.

 * Change: Use % width for thumbcells in album view.

 * Change: moved logout into login.php.

 * Fix: Update wz_tooltips to v4.11.

 * New: Nice Ballon tooltips for imagemaps.

 * Fix: gdAvailable() didnt work with no gd. /%$&%
   Thanks to: scotte9999

 * Fixed a couple of PHP warnings.

2007-06-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b83

 * Fix: value of 0 was not recognized in gInput

 * Change: Sort users in manage users.

 * Change: Use of label in eCard.

 * Change: Defaults for height and width for popups are now 550/600
		   (was 500/500)

2007-06-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b82

 * Change: New Gallery 1 footer image (ripped from G2 and changed *g*)

 * Change: New donate footer image (just ripped from G2)

 * Fix: Invented ignorelist for "unreal" options attributs.

2007-06-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b81

 * New: In manage user a nice tooltip with helpful information
        appears when you hover a username from the list.

   Thanks to Peter Schumacher for this idea.

 * Fix: Minore CSS fix for disabled buttons.

 * Change: Modify drawselect2 to accept attribs per option.
2007-06-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b80

 * Change: New icon for navigation up.

 Thanks to Peter Schumacher!

 * Change remove unused icons.

2007-06-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b79

 * Fix: rearrange works now with empty subalbums.

   Puuh, lots of work. But thanks to Andy, sorry no YUI.

 * Change: Code cleanup for getHighlightTag()

 * Fix: Password fields were broken.

 * Change: "show" a photo is now called "unhide".

2007-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b78

 All about setup:

 - Text changes / typos.
 - Disable next/prev button if last/first tab is reached.

 Thanks to Andy.

 - removed function newIn()

2007-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b77

 * Change: Little layout fix for siriux frame.

2007-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b76

 * New: Goto # selectbox in photo navigation.

2007-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b75

 * Change: Dont show icons below thumbs for ecards etc.
   Note: Code is still there, just needs to be uncomment.

 * Fix: Even if returnTo link is off, there should be a link 
	    back up to the album.
   Thanks to Peter Schumacher.

 * Change: Make Popups from photoview a little bigger.
2007-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b74

 * Change: Use of navigation via arrow keys in photo view.

 * Fix: Remove some debug code.

2007-06-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b73

 * Change: Lots of typos. Also some smaller layout nicifies.

   Thanks to BAAAAAART

 * Change: Update wz_tooltip.js ->  v. 4.02

2007-06-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b72

 * Change: just some cosmetic changes.

2007-06-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b71

 * Fix: Autorotation on upload didnt work.

 * Fix: Wrong translation calles in lib/content.

 * Fix: The "go go go" message in setup was no translated.

 * Manifest update.

2007-06-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b70

 * Fix: Manifest was empty !

 * Fix: HTML fixes in Setup

 * Fix: Lots of missing SVN IDs

2007-06-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b69

 * Fix: Don't show empty tooltips in thumbsview.

2007-06-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b68

 * NEW: Its now possible to resize the orginal version.

   Changes in:
	- popups/resize_photo.php
        - classes/Album.php
        - classes/AlbumItem.php
        - classes/Image.php
   At a first glance its VERY slow. If someone wanna tune it ..

2007-06-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b67

 * Change: Remove unneeded param $pathToResized from

 * Fix: Correct call of the method above.

2007-05-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b66

 * Fix: Unquoted indexes in ecardform

 * Fix: Wrong trigger for default email_sender in ecardform.

2007-05-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b65

 * Change: Renamed feaure photo block to feature item block.

 * Fix: Link an featured subalbum did not work.

 * Fix: Removed debug code in microthumb.

 Thanks again to Kai.

2007-05-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b64

 * New: In Joomla! and Mambo you can now enter which userlevel
        is allowed to create rootalbums.
        Uninstall/install of component required.

 * New: Method canCreateRootAlbum() for joomla/mambo user

 * Change: Revert table name back to '#__gallery'

2007-05-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b63

 * Change: Make breadcrumb a divset (instead of table)

2007-05-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b62

 * Fix: full parameter was recognized in microthumb nav in photo view.
   Thanks to Kai.

2007-05-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b61

 * Fix: Little Typo

 * Change: use @ before mkdir in platform/*

2007-05-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b60

 * "Fix": Lots of phpdoc adds, indenting and gTranslate() 

2007-05-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b59

 * Change: Use <label> for labels before/after input files.
	   Added css.
	   Done in gInput()

2007-04-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b58

 * New: Navigation via cursor keys. niiiice.

2007-04-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b57

 * Fix: Show correct (and nice) tooltip for subalbums in thumbsview.

   Thanks to dimo from forums.

2007-04-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b56

 * Fix: Trim title on save in edit_appearance

2007-04-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b55

 * Fix: Quotes in album title broke subalbumtree

 * Change: Unified adminbar links.

 Thanks to AndrewVasilyev from forums for reporting this

 * Temp fix: Removed KOI8-R from supported charsets for htmlentities.

2007-03-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b54

 * Fix: Htmlfix in b53 broke image area links.

   Thanks again to Ajuniper.

 * Fix: No empty tooltip if no hovertext is given.

2007-03-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b53

 * Fix: Quotes (single and double) and backslash were not quoted in

 Thanks to Ajuniper from Forum.

 * Fix: Little HTML fixes in imagemap.

2007-03-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b52

 * New: function truncateText() in new file lib/text.php

 * Change: truncate Album names in move_photo to 15 chars.

2007-03-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b51

 * Change: general.footer does not exist anymore.

 * Fix: Use overall.footer where general.footer were used.

2007-03-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b50

 * Fix: crop_photo.php is no popup.

2007-03-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b49

 * Fix: View comments were broken when embedded.
   Thanks to Draccie from forums.

 * Fix: Critical typo in ebuild_capture_dates.php

 * Fix: HTML bug in templates/overall.footer.tpl.default

 * Change: Nicify in popups/edit_caption.php

 * Change: Added css for tooltip in base.css

2007-03-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b48

 Fix: Permission issue.
      Album1 from user1 with permission for user2 to create a subalbum.
      User2 is owner and in thumbsview he got the option to move this album.
      But album2 is an item of album1 ...

 Thanks to Peter Schumacher.

 * Fix: Added another missing entry in translation filelist.

2007-03-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b47

 * New: Added 3|4 Ratio for cropping

 * Change: Outsourced ratio defintion into

2007-03-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b46

 * Change: Unified and nicified tools/* and usage.php

 * Fix: Added missing entries in po/filelist-core

2007-03-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b45

 * Fix: Set correct chmod for captcha tempfolder.
   Thanks to Peter Schumacher.   

2007-03-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b44

 * Change: Make all popups per default 550px wide when using popup_link()

 * Change Use of accesskeys and wording in ecard form.

2007-03-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b43

 * New: Added functionality to rebuild capture dates.

 * Fix: Don't strip Port from Urls

 * Change: Some minore layout things.

2007-03-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b42

 * Fix: Moved inclusion of page header on mainpage before some javascripts
        to avoid warnings when embedded.
 * Fix: Created function showDebugInfo() that show the debug info box.
        Sourced it out into util.php from
2007-02-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b41

 * Fix: Use of fs_executable() at various places.
 * Change: Made IM Version a static var.
 * Fix: On some Cameras (e.g. some SONY), jhead and exiftags
        extracts some fields double and thus an reliable extraction 
   Thanks to Marcio Marchini for reporting an issue with this.
2007-02-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b40

 * Change: Put album description in its own box in thumbs view.
2007-02-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b39

 * Fix: Added missing files to po/filelist-core, adjust pot files.
 * Fix: Typo in css/yui/container.css
 * Change: Use of nl2br() in editField(), e.g. album description.
2007-02-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b38

 * Fix/Change: Add new param $useAccesskey to galleryIconLink()
   - If set to no, an existing accesskey identifier is just removed,
   	 but not used.
   	 This was a problem in thumbnail view with options as icons.
   	 (e.g. multiple "send as ecard" with same accesskey)
 * Fix: Link back to stats-wizard in stats was wrong.
 * Fix: Focus Javascript in popups/edit_caption.php was outdated.
2007-02-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b37

 * Change: Use nice YUI tooltips in album view.

   - Adjust css classname to g-tooltip in js/yui/container-min.js
   - Added new css class in css/screen.css.default
   - Modified method Album::getThumbnailTag
   -- If not given, add a HTML id
2007-02-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b36

 * Change: Update js/wz_tooltip.js to Version 3.45
 * Change: Update js/wz_jsgraphics.js to Version 3.00
2007-02-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b35

 * New: lib/filetypes.php
 * Change: Moved from util.php into lib/filetypes.php
 		   - acceptableArchive()
 		   - acceptableArchiveList()
 		   - acceptableFormat()
 		   - acceptableFormatList()
 		   - acceptableFormatRegexp()
 		   - acceptableImageList()
 		   - acceptableMovieList()
 		   - isImage()
 		   - isMovie()
  		  Added phpdoc for all and ordered them alphabetical.
 * Change: Moved processNewImage() into lib/albumItem.php
 * Change: Moved rmdirRecursive() into lib/filesystem.php
 * Fix: Cleanup and repaired autocomplete.
2007-02-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b34

 * Change: Nicified (with accesskeys) diagnotisc page.
 * Fix: Double accesskey in session_test.php
 * Change: Some layout corrections in view_album.php
2007-02-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b33

 * Change: Better handling of accesskeys in galleryLink()
 * Change: Better status message in copy_photo.pgp
 * Fix: Double accesskey in edit_caption.php
 * Change: Nicified sort_album.php a little.
2007-02-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b32

 * Fix: Initialize field 'dimensionsAsPopup' for new albums.
 * New: Added possibility for overwriting height and with in method
 * Change: No need to get accesskey in function removeAccessKey()
 * New: Add title attribute for tabs.
2007-02-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b31

 All in captionator:
 * Fix: Better subalbum handling.
 * Fix: Correct HTML
 * Fix: Remove debug CSS.
 * Change: Little perfomance tweak. Use $photo instead of ->album...($i)
2007-02-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b30

 * Fix: Handle case for no items in makeThumbnails()
 * Fix: Removed warning about uninitialized value in view_album
2007-02-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b29

 * Change: Added updateProgressBar() as php wrapper for the js function.
 * Change: Added scrollable div in view photo properties.
 * Change: Renamed makeThumbnailRecursive to makeThumbnails
 		   with recursivity as param.
 * Change: Added nice progressbar in rebuild thumbs.
 * New: Added possibility for easy setting in classic template for mainpage
        if one want to see creation/last change date and number of items.
2007-02-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b28

 * Fix: Removed debug code from tools/find_orphans
2007-02-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-svn-b27

 * New: Added Top5 voted feature. (RFE #929207)
       "Email me when comments are added -> recursively"
2007-02-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b26

 * Change: Better Wording and handling for mail in config.
 * Change: Better wording for email-errormesages
2007-02-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b25

 * Fix: Typo in PN Version check.
2007-02-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b24

 * Fix/Change:
   In postNuke 0.8, _PN_VERSION_NUM and _PN_VERSION_ID were renamed.
   Leading _ is removed.
   Invented new global $GALLERY_POSTNUKE_VERSION, set in index.php

 Thanks to 'tycho' from Forum.
2007-02-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b23

 * Change: Removed function dismiss() from lib/content.php
 * Change: Tweaked dismissAndLoad() so the url param is optional
 		   and thus it behaves like dismiss() did.
 * Change: dismiss() was only used popups/edit_thumb.php
 * Change: Autowidth to 800px if Imagewidth is > 400
 * Change: Little layout for cropImageBox
2007-02-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b22

 * Fix/Change: validate_albums
             - Some Links were broken
             - Explicit check for allowed invalid albums
             - Nicified output
2007-02-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b21

 * Change: Defining a minimum size for cropping thumbs.
 		   Currently the fullsize image must be at least 25x25px
2007-02-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b20


  Removed Java Applet for cropping and added Javascript Cropper from
  David Spurr
  Its using Prototype &

  You can now crop thumbnails and the full Version.

2007-02-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b19

 * Fix: Duplicate Accesskeys on startpage and thumbview.

2007-02-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b18

 * Fix: Avoid warning in save_photos.php

 * Fix: There seems to be an album version issue.
        That causes a lot of warnings.
        An album version bump should do the trick.

 Thanks again to Peter Schumacher.

2007-02-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b17

 * Fix: Uninitialized return value in locateDir
   Thanks to Peter Schumacher.

2007-02-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b16

 * Change: PageTitle in photo was then Gallery.
           Now is <(sub)album title> :: <Image Name>

2007-01-31 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b15

 * Fix: Bug #1305215, enhanced files that are treated as executable
        on win32.

2007-01-31 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b14

 * Bug/RFE #1589714, Better errormessage which .htaccess is meant.

2007-01-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b13

 * Fix: Bug #1121796

 * Fix: Correct pages jump to next and previous block in navigator.

2007-01-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b12

 * Feature Freeze for Gallery 1.6 *

 * New: New album option to open dimensions-links as popups.
   \- Configversion bump
   \- Albumversion bump

 * Change: Make emailing / register in separate tabs.

2007-01-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b11

 * Fix: Warning in thumbnail view.

 * Code cleanup in view_album.php

2007-01-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b10

 FIX: Some header things were called to early
      and broke integration in phpBB2

2007-01-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b9

 Change: Code nicify layout/

2007-01-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b8

 * New: Added nice byte input widget.
        (Currently unused, but you never know ;) )

2007-01-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b7

 * NEW: Added usage.php and support files for it.
        Main code and idea is from Dave Moore and Joan McGalliard.
        It shows the diskusage per Album or per user.

2007-01-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b6

 * Fix: Images for shadow frame were broken.

   Thanks to Rasmus Lerdorf.

2007-01-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b5

 * Change: Show warning about generic Album also when embedded.

2007-01-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b4

 CHANGE: Enable Group Support for Joomla!
	     Joomla has no real groups, so put Joomla Users into Gallery groups.

 Thanks to Kai Tomalik for assistance.

2007-01-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b3

 * Fix: When an absolute url is given makeFormIntro, also use unhtmlentities

 * Fix: Remove whitespace in comment textarea.

 * Change: Nicer output of formatted_filesize()

 * Fix: Valid HTML in imagemap.php
2007-01-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b2

 * Change: Little installer enhancements.

   Thanks to Andy S.

2007-01-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-RC1-b1

 * CHANGE: Remove <form> from adminbarcommands cell in layout/
		   \- view_album.php
		   \- view_photo.php

2007-01-07 Chris Kelly <> 1.6-alpha3

 * Release: 1.6-alpha3

2007-01-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b49

 * Fix: Edit Album Properties was broken.

   Thanks again to Kai.

2007-01-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b48

 * Change: Disable caching introduced by contribute patch in b46.
	       The idea is nice, but the code was halfbaken.

2007-01-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b47

 Fix: Empty line after ?> in AlbumDB.php

 Fix: User changed could not be saved.

2007-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b46

 Change: Patch #1023146
	     AlbumDB performance tweak by Jan Hendrik Mangold.
2007-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b45

 * Fix: Using $gallery-> and ' inside a " quoted string fails.
   Thanks to Kai Tomalik.

2007-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b44

 * Fix: Wrong use of gTranslate broke item count in rss

   Thanks to Kai Tomalik

2007-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b43

 * Change: Use of <fieldset> in login popup.

2007-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b42

 * Change: Added 3rd param $comment_text to drawCommentAddForm()
		   This way the comment Text is not lost after reloadin captcha
   Thanks to Kai Tomalik.

 * Change: "Add comment", Change width of from 500 to 600

 * Change: Nicified layout of Buttons in captcha.
2007-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b41

 * Fix: yui sub album tree on startpage was broken for Opera an IE.

 * Change: Only create expensive subalbumtree if wanted and theme
		   is not matrix

 * Change: Only load expensive yui JS for subalbumtree if a tree is present.

 * Change: Move createTreeArray() from lib/content to lib/album

2007-01-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b40

 * Change: Update Copyright to 2007

2007-01-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b39

 * Fix: When Comments are globally deactivated, but a user has
        the right to add a comment, the global deactivation didnt
        work and a user can bypass this.

2007-01-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b38

 Thanks to Rasmus Lerdorf for reporting these bugs:

 * Fix: album::addPhoto() returns an array.
	    This was handled wrong in:
		- gallery_remote2.php
	    - popups/move_photo.php
	    - popups/copy_photo.php

 * Fix: Gallery remote can't handle HTML status messages.
	    Added global $plainErrorMessage in addPhotos()

 * Fix: Capture Date was saved wrong.

2006-12-31 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b37

 * Fix: realpath() on an URL in getGalleryBaseUrl()

 * Fix: Check for tempfolder when creating captcha instance was wrong.

 Thanks to Kai for reporting these bugs !

 * Change: remove leading / from captcha tempfolder
2006-12-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b36

 * Change: Splitted tools/build_manifest.php into
			- tools/build_manifest_1_3.php
			- tools/build_manifest_1_4.php

 * Change: Added .ttf into list for files that can not have a
		   G1 comparable SVN Version for checkVersions()

 * Updated Manifest.
2006-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b35

 * Change: Alignment in register popup.

2006-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b34

 * Fix: Name and email of recepient was not
        correct initialized in ecard popup.

2006-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b33

 * Change: Changed all '    ' (4 spaces) to 1 tab.

2006-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b32

 * Change: Added includes/comments/
	       Moved redundant functionality in it from:
		   - popups/add_comment.php
		   - view_photo.php

 * Change: Add-comment-check generates dedicated $comment_messages array.
		   Used in:
		   - lib/content.php
		   - popups/add_comment.php
		   - templates/photo.tpl.default

2006-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b31

 * Fix/CHANGE: Made tempfolder for captcha relative to albumdir.
			   This makes it possible to use a full url.

 * Change: Disable maxtry parameter

2006-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b30

 * Change: If target is absolute, dont make it "more" absolute.

 * Change: Add message in configwizard when PHP does not support GD
		   and thus no captcha is available. 

 * Fix: Disable captcha if no config info is available.

2006-12-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b29

 * Fix: Removed duplicate require in:
	- setup/
	- setup/

 * Change: Added gallerySanityCheck() into setup/index.php

2006-12-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b28

 * Removed: Param $userlanguage from initLanguage()

 * Change: Adjust call of initLanguage in init.php
	   When a user logs in, the language in the session var is updated.
	   This this param is not need and also just one call is needed.

 * Change: Moved position of set_time_limit in init.php,
	   as the check for existing config.php is now in gallerySanityCheck()

 * CHANGE: Load session code before language init.

2006-12-18 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b27

 * Change: Use of enableCaptcha() in:
	- lib/content.php
	- popups/add_comment.php
  Load captcha classes also only if captcha is enabled.

 * Change: Added check for captcha tempfolder.

 * REMOVED: gallery_validation_link(), album_validation_link()
2006-12-18 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b26

 * Change: Check for existing album dir in gallerySanityCheck()

 * New: function gdAvailable()

 * New: function enableCaptcha()

 * New: Additional Option in setup : enableCaptcha (for comments)
	- no : No captcha at all
	- yes: Captcha for everybody
	- anonymous: Captcha only for not logged in users.

   Config Version bump -> 100 !

2006-12-18 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b25

 * Fix: Typo in lib/Form.php

 * New: Function printInfoBox()

2006-12-05 Chris Kelly <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b24

 * Fix: proper svn keywords in files, this will make the up to date
	check in setup not complain when it looks in the manifest file

2006-12-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b23


 Added exprimental captcha support.

 Used hn_captcha classes from Horst Nogajski, horst AT nogajski DOT de

 * New files:
	- includes/captcha/COM430.TTF
	- includes/captcha/captcha_init.php
	- classes/hn_captcha/hn_captcha.x1.example.php
	- classes/hn_captcha/hn_captcha.class.php
	- classes/hn_captcha/hn_captcha.example.php
	- classes/hn_captcha/hn_captcha.class.x1.php

2006-12-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b22


 Added experimental group support for Gallery users.
 You can add, delete and modify Gallery groups.
 Groups from an enviroment are not recognized.

 * New files:
	- lib/groups.php
	- js/selectBoxHandling.js
	- popups/modify_group.php
	- popups/delete_group.php
	- popups/create_group.php
	- popups/manage_groups.php
	- classes/Group.php
	- classes/gallery/Group.php

 * Change: Tweaked drawSelect() and drawSelect()

2006-12-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b21

 * Fix: Metainfo during upload.

2006-12-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b20

 Text changes in includes/setup/ and setup/ 

2006-12-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b19

 * Change: Created lib/tabs.php and moved functions there.
	   Use key of a tab as name.

	    - lib/setup.php !!
	    - includes/setup/
	    - includes/setup/
	    - popups/edit_appearance.php 
	    - popups/album_permissions.php (not in this commit)
	    - setup/
	    - setup/

2006-12-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b18

 * Fix: Missing init of $vaRenderDescriptionCSS in view_album.php

 * Fix: Missng ' in popups/create_user.php and popups/ecard_form.php

 * Change: Use ' instead of "" for indizes in lib/albumItem.php

 * Change: gallery_error() now uses infoBox()

 * Change: Code cleanup 
  	   - popups/modify_user.php
	   - classes/gallery/User.php
	   - util.php
	   - albums.php

 * Change: We now just suggest not highly suggest a chmod in setup/

 * Some CSS nicify
2006-11-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b17

 * Fix: Little code typo in view_album.php.

 * Fix: Some text typos.

 * Some phpDoc adds.

2006-11-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b16

 * Fix: Embedded Slideshow in low mode.

2006-11-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b15

 * Fix: %$%&$/( Typo the second. introduced also in b13.

2006-11-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b14

 * Fix: %/&$(/&/ typo.

2006-11-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b13

 * Fix: Choosing "blank" in recreate captions did nothing.
   Thanks to Kai.

 * Fix: Albumitem actions in thumbsview was broken in alpha3-svn-b9

 * Fix: Use class=".." instead of align=".." in printPopupStart()
	So its ready for rtl languages.

 * Fix: Reorder on mainpage were broken in alpha2-svn-b24

2006-11-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b12

 * Change: Tweaked readMoreBox()

 * Change: Tweaked description for photos in thumbnail view.

 * Change: CSS for panel to avoid conflicts. (Change also in YUI!)

2006-11-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b11

 * Fix: Include CSS in random-block and feature-block (if not already done).

 * Change: Center content of random-block and feature-block.

 * Fix: setup/ghcc.php

2006-11-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b10

 * Fix: Links to other method in slideshow were missing.

 * New: Made folder for slideshow icons.

 * Change: Using new icon for "stop" in slideshow.

   Thanks for this icon to Peter Schumacher.

2006-11-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b9

 * Fix: Clicking as non admin on a (sub-)album that needs upgrade failed.

 * Change: make page header a little heigher.

 * Change: If less then 2 item option in thumbs view,
	   then only icons are showed.

2006-11-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b8

 * Change: RFE #983979
	   Text for login is more descriptive.

2006-11-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b7

 * Fix: Show descriptionbox in photo view only if there IS a description.

2006-11-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b6

 * NEW: RFE #556928

	A short link is shown in the thumbnail view.
	After clicking, a nice panel with the description is shown.
	Its dragable, so you can move it all over the screen.

 * New: function readMoreBox()

2006-11-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b5

 * Change: Add possibility to change the brush color in imapmap.

 * New: possibbility to call a callBack() function from colorpicker.
	Thanks to valiant for help ;)

2006-11-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b4

 * Fix: Text with linebreaks didnt work in imagemap description.

2006-11-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b3

 * Fix: Return link from publish XP docs was wrong.
	Thanks to Peter Schumacher.

 * Fix: css in tabs in add_photos popup.

2006-11-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b2

 * Fix: Rotating and flipping.

 * Change: Performing an transpose action with NetPBM now requires 10.13+

2006-11-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha3-svn-b1

 * Fix: Check whether an Id was already used in makeFormIntro() 
	to avoid inavlid HTML.

 * Fix: When moving, or reordering, deleting etc. in an album,
	the (new) higlightIndex was not updated.

 * Change: Use the faster method of getting the highlightIndex in albums.php

 * New: Method resetHighlightIndex() in classes/Album.php
	Called in:
	- movePhoto
	- rearrangePhotos
	- shufflePhotos
	- sortPhotos
	- deletePhoto

 * Change: increased size of adminbar background image.

 * Change: Little code nicify in popups/sort_album.php

2006-10-31 Chris Kelly <> 1.6-alpha2

 * Release: 1.6-alpha2

2006-10-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b26

 * Fix: Removed wrong errormessages when uploading from server.

2006-10-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b25

 * Fix: Upgrade message in was showed in too many cases.

 * Change: Little code cleanup in popups/save_photos.php

2006-10-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b24

 * Change: Added field $initialized to albumDB()
    - Better error handling.

 * Change: Added $allowedInvalidAlbums to albumDB()
    - You can now easier define whats allowed. e.g. "lost+found"

 * Fix: removed -v from jhead call, as the structure is different.

 * New: function generateCaption()

 * Change: Added additional param to getItemCaptureDate().

2006-10-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b23

 * CHANGE: description is now a fixed item field, not a custom
     - album version bump
     - tweaked edit_caption and photo view.
     - remoced description as default custom field from config
     - new methods getDescription() and setDescription

   NOTE: This means the description is CURRENTLY not migrated to G2
 * New: Implemented call of progressbar update for album updates.

 * Change: Better error display when adding items.

2006-10-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b22

 * Change: Added backround images for header and adminbar.

2006-10-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b21

 * Fix: "disco1" is no ImageMagick binary ;)

2006-10-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b20

 * New: Progressbar
     - function addProgressbar().
     - javascript to update the progressbar.
     - css for progessbar.

 * Change: Use progressbar in album update.

2006-10-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b19

 * CHANGE: Removed Js function localGetElementsByTagName() and
	   So the config wizard does NOT WORK IN Netscape 4 anymore !

 * Change: Again nicifying in config wizard.
	   Put longer messages in step 1 into a toggle Box.

 * Change: Typo toogle -> toggle (Is there something well known with *oogle ?).

 * Fix: typo in step 1, "nogo" is no type for infoBoxes.

 * Change: indenting and " to ' convertion.

 * Change: Use of galleryTable() in step 1, along with css adjustment.

 * Removed: css/config.css.default

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b18

 * New: Added field initialized to Gallery UserDB.
	Set if the UserDB was successfully initialized.

 * New: userDB->isInitialized()

 * Change: Much more detailed infos about userdir failures.

 * Change: Check for userDB initialization in init.php,
	   don't do the automatic user upgrade.

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b17

 * Fix: Added 2 missing files to $safe_to_include list.

   Thanks to Kai Tomalik.

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b16

 * Change: After saving the album properties,
	   the tab which was last edited is still selected.

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b15

 * New: function generateCaption()

 * New: function getLabelByIndex()

 * Change: Use label for feature block.
	   Now you can feature any type of item.

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b14

 * New: function toogleButton()

 * New: function toogleBox()

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b13

 * Fix: Save did not work in rearrange items.

 * Fix: Typo in stats-wizard.php prevented the generated url to show up.

 Thanks to Peter Schumacher for finding and reporting those bugs.

 * Fix: Autorotate rotated in the wrong direction.

 * Fix: still some _(), converted to gTranslate()

2006-10-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b12

 * Change: Minor things like indenting, code cleaning and phpDoc.

2006-10-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b11

 * Fix: Fix missing brackets.

2006-10-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b10

 * Fix: Convert - into _ in varnames for yui! subalbum tree on mainpage.

2006-10-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b9

 * Fix: Aded icon for feature photo.

 * Fix: Removed second (redundant) link to photoproperties in thumbnail view.
   Thanks to floridave.

2006-10-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b8

 * Fix: Correct wrong filenames in 'Id' Keyword.
   Thanks to floridave.

2006-10-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b7

 * Fix: svn properties.

2006-10-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b6

 * Fix: Missing , typo in lib/stats.php
   Thanks to Georg Naggies from forums.

 * Fix: Show translated text for the stats-link options in config.

 * Indenting in stats includes and lib.

2006-10-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b5

 * Change: Partly #1410186
   Renamed "rename album" to "Change foldername" as user got confused.
   Also removed this from startpage.
2006-10-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b4

 * CHANGE/NEW: #1543131

   The Subalbum tree in the classic theme is now a collapsable fading tree.
   Done via Yahoo! UI treeview.

   Modified printChildren()

2006-10-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b3

 * Fix: After the first succesfull install there is no $inst_type 
	in the config session.

2006-10-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b2

 * Fix: Missing $ in prevented showin an info message.

 * Fix: Check for multiple (not HTML compliant) IDs in gSubmit

2006-10-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-alpha2-svn-b1

 * Added "featured photo block" from Beckett Madden-Woods.
   Splitted it into 2 files and made the frame configurable
   via config wizard.

   Config Version bump.

2006-10-12 Chris Kelly <> 1.6-alpha1

 * Release: 1.6-alpha1

2006-10-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b27

 * Fix: Added two checks for existing $gallery.
	This causes to stop Gallery on the very first install.

2006-10-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b26

 * Fix: phpBB2 fixes. (Thanks to h0bbel)
    - Moving first HTML Output in albums view below the header

    - Rename $theme in albums.php to $g_theme to avoid conflict.

    - Added closing div and debug info into footer as phpBB2 exists earlier.

    - Updated Howto. Gallery 1.6 works also with phpBB 2.0.21

2006-10-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b25

 * Fix: #1487824, allow negative alignment for watermark.

2006-10-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b24

 * Fix: Missed some tablename changes in 1.6-svn-b7 
	for joomla! and mambo

 * Change: CSS changes to make popup headers and comments 
	   look nicer when embedded.

2006-10-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b23

 * Fix: #1299913 ; $_REQUEST['name'] is now NOT longer an indicator for beeing embedded.

 * Little CSS typo.

2006-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b22

 * Change: Move "Send as eCard" into albumItem options.

 * New: Added attribute "separate" to albumItem options.
	All separate options are shown *drumroll* separately.

2006-10-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b21

 * Fix: Clickcounter in stats did not work.

2006-10-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b20

 * Change: Better failure handling for eCards.

 * Fix: eCard preview did not work embedded.

2006-10-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b19

 * Fix: More code and CSS adjustments for autocomplete.

2006-10-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b18

 * Fix: Code and CSS adjustments to new yui! version.

2006-10-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b17

 * Update: yahoo! yui -> 0.11.4

2006-09-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b16

 * Fix/Change: lib/lang.php
    - initlanguage() was called to late in init.php.
      This results in a Call to undefined function: _()

    - Added second param $userlanguage to initlanguage()
      If this is set a reinit is forced.

    - Check in init.php for user language if this is different then
      already initialized $gallery->language, do a reinit.

    - Enhanced the emulation of gettext and ngettext to adjust with possible

2006-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b15
2006-03-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b18


  It was possible to use/"inject" Javascript inside various places
  to abuse this as a XSS Exploit.

  Now every userinput got from $_REQUEST is sanitized.
  We use the PEAR packages HTML_Safe and XML_HTMLSax3 to do this.
  Nice benefit is that HTML is now again possible in captions, titles, etc.

  The Team would like to thank Aditya Mooley for catching and reporting this.
  And giving us the time to fix it before going to public.

  Aditya Mooley is member of the Coppermine-Gallery Development team.
  So have a look at,
  the page of our friendly competittion application.

2006-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b14

 * Added help/blacklist.txt, which is blacklist from MT-Blacklist Version 1.6.2
   from Jay Allen.

   I include it, as MT-Blacklist is not longer developed.

2006-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b13

 * Update: wz_jsgraphics.js    v. 2.36

 * Little code nicify js/multifile.js.php

2006-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b12

 * Change: Links in Gallery and Album titles are now handled fine.
    - New function clearGalleryTitle($addon)

 * Change: Nicify of tools/* files. Outsorced functions into tool/lib/

 * Fix: Header and footer calls in tools/* files.

 * Fix: Little html and missing text in "despam comments".

 * Change: Outsourced functionality from albums.php and templates.
	   New funciotns for reuse created in lib/album.php
    - prefetchRootAlbumNav()
    - rootRSSLink()
    - prefetchAlbumNav()
    - albumRSSLink()
    - customCSS()

 * Change: Moved returnToPathArray() from lib/content.php into lib/album.php

 * Change: Outsorced functions from stats.php into lib/stats.php 	 

2006-09-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b11

 * Fix: If magic_quotes are On, stripslashes were called after
        sanitizing the input.
        This results in the fact that links in input with quotes were
        not regocnized.

 * Fix: Use stripslashes_deep() on Input.

2006-09-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b10

 * Fix: Added additional --keyword in xgettext calls to support gettext 0.15

2006-09-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b9

 * Fix: removed the $break param from the calls of makeSectionTabs() in setup ;)

2006-09-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b8

 * Update: YUI -> 0.11.3

2006-09-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b7

 * CHANGE: Changed table name for Gallery in joomla! and Mambo to 'gallery16'

2006-09-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b6

 * Change: Nicify of login.php, added Javascript for en/disableing action buttons

 * New: Added CSS for disabled buttons in css/screen.css.default

2006-09-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b5

 * Change: Moved printPopupStart from lib/content.php to lib/popup.php

 * Change: makeFormIntro now uses "post" not "POST"

 * Change: removed unneeded param $break from makeSectionTabs()

 * Change: $attrList['name'] = $attrList['id'] = $name; in

 * Some HTML output indenting

2006-09-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b4

 * Change: Moved from html/ to layout folder

 * CHANGE: REMOVED html/ folder

2006-08-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b3

 * Fix: Added popups/save_photos.php to saveToInclude List.

 Thanks to Kai.

2006-08-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b2

 * Change: Remove mesages when no votes are done in album view.

 * Change: Cleanup code for poll boxes 1-3 in view_album.php
	   Moved general CSS for this into base.css

2006-08-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1

 * Merge from DEV_1_6 branch.
   See Changelog below

   Start of official Gallery 1.6 Development.

2006-08-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j109-UNSTABLE

 * Update wz_tooltip.js to 3.38

2006-08-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j108-UNSTABLE

 * Update Yahoo! YUI to 0.11.2 (tough IN the files 0.11.0 is written)

 * Update horder/Browser.php

2006-08-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j107-UNSTABLE

 * Change: Removed $nls['default']['alignment'] from nls.php and 
	   check against it in lib/lang.php

 * Made returnToConfig() to point to step 1

 * New: returnToDiag()

 * Change: Removed $gallery->browser_language !!

 * Fix: Iconslink gets [] around when no icons are wanted.

 * Little HTML fix slipped in in 106

 * Fix include of header in admin-page. Slipped in in b94.

 * Little siriux change.

 * Fixed layout for Matrix theme when vieving with IE.

 * Fixed appearance in setup/frame_test.php

 * Make Diagnostics Page NOT to open in _blank.

 * General Nicify.

2006-08-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j106-UNSTABLE

 ***** NEW *****

 * In new installations you can now choose the installation type.
   "easy" or "advanced".

 * Fix: Autocomplete didnt work in new installs.

 * CSS fixes for RTL languages (especially tabs)

2006-08-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j105-UNSTABLE

 * Jenskin updates.

 * popups/login.php nicify

2006-08-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j104-UNSTABLE

 * Higher width for autocomplete fields.

 * Fix: Not all uploadpathes were shown in config wizard
   Thanks to Kai.

2006-08-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j103-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: JS warning in ImageMap when no ImageMap is available.
   Thanks to StephaneT from forums.

 * Fix in view_photo.

 * Little CSS changes in jenskin.

2006-07-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j102-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: HTML ans JS Fixes in slideshow.

 * Show only skins with a .default file in config wizard
   (Will be reverted when all skins are 1.6 compliant)

 * Some indenting.
2006-07-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j101-UNSTABLE

 * Jenskin -> 1.6

2006-07-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j100-UNSTABLE

 * Black skin -> 1.6

 * Fix: recognize .default files for available skins

2006-07-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j99-UNSTABLE

 * Change: Remove param $size in gInput(), now handled via $attrs

 * Changed some " to '

 * Little layout fix in popups/edit_appearance.php

2006-07-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j98-UNSTABLE

 * Adjust bars002 skin -> 1.6

 * Little layot changes in templates.
2006-07-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j97-UNSTABLE

 * Switched rows and columns in album properties.

 * CHANGE: Removed Support for:  $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] in css files 

2006-07-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j96-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: ZLORIFX == vs. ===, using strcmp() now in drawselect.

2006-07-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j95-UNSTABLE

 ***** CHANGE *****
 Removed following skins:

2006-07-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j94-UNSTABLE

 ***** NEW ******

 * Mainpage is now themeable.
2006-07-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j93-UNSTABLE

 * Hide RandomBlock Source in setup as its currently unused.

 * CSS things in Setup.

 * Make some Texts tranlateable

 * Some layout and wording things.

2006-07-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j92-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Popup for frames didnt work in frames for randomblock.

2006-07-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j91-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: drawSelect in slideshow misbehaved and selected the wrong.
 * Use Horde Browser in slideshow to avoid document.write()
   As a result drawSelect() uses now always pretty printing.

 * drawSelect() now also uses always pretty printing.

 * Found _() -> gTranslate()

2006-07-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j90-UNSTABLE

 * Added new icons for navigation

 * Converted a couple of png icons to gif icons (DARN IE !)

2006-07-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j89-UNSTABLE

 * Added icons for notice messages.

2006-07-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j88-UNSTABLE

 * Removed $class param from gInput

 * Little layout changes

2006-07-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j87-UNSTABLE

 * Change: Splitted Add_URL into "URL" and "from local Server"

 * NEW: Added YAHOO! YUI , AJAX Autocomplete.
	- Use of horde browser class to detect whether Autocomplete is supported.
	- Added CSS
	- Currently only for local paths

 * NEW: Add possibility to define legal pathes for upload from local server.
	If a legal path is defined autocomplete in the upload dialog is used.

 * NEW: js/multiInput.js.php
2006-07-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j86-UNSTABLE

 * UPS: forget to add rebuild_thumbs.php into SVN with b1-j72.

2006-07-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j85-UNSTABLE

 * NEW: Added Browser.php class from the HORDE ( framework.
        Credits added in the classes/horde/ folder.

2006-07-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j84-UNSTABLE

 * NEW: Added fs_fileIsHidden() to platform functions.

2006-07-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j83-UNSTABLE

 * Send_email to new users now default unchecked.

 * Fix: popups/create_user.php were not reloaed correct on Submit

 * Fix: Little warning in setup/init.php

2006-07-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j82-UNSTABLE

 * Layout changes. Mostly to make Gallery look better when embedded :)

2006-07-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j81-UNSTABLE

 * FIX: Headers were sent after the header were sent ;) in download.php
   Thanks to Kai.

2006-07-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j80-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Acceskey 's' was double on mainpage

 * Fix: Use same icon for slideshow on mainpage and album view.

 * Added view_comment.gif, removed display.gif

 * Fix: Added ecard_form to $safe_to_include array

 * Some CSS adjustments for embedded Gallery.

 Thanks to Kai for all above !

2006-07-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j79-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Translateable errormessage in index.php was showed before langinit.
   Thanks to Kai.

 * Fix: Adjust $safe_to_include array to popups/

 * Fix: Wrong use of makeGalleryUrl insted of makeAlbumUrl in view_comments.php

 * Make docs link in startpage to open in _blank

2006-07-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j78-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Path to upgrade_album.php was wrong in init.php
   Thanks to Kai.

2006-07-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j77-UNSTABLE

 * Use target="_blank" for all external links in wizard.
   Thanks to Robert -you are fired- Volksport

2006-07-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j76-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Moved colorpicker.php into popus and adjust showColorpicker()

 * Wording fixes.

2006-07-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j75-UNSTABLE

 ***** CHANGE *****

 * Nicified Config Wizard
   - Stepbar in every step
   - New Welcome page
   - Removed errorpages and instead integrated into welcome page
   - A lot more CSS
   - Splitted Checks into mandatory and recommended
   - Moved embed_hidden() from setup/index.php into lib/setup

2006-06-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j74-UNSTABLE

 * Created includes/setup folder.

 * Splitted setup/

2006-06-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j73-UNSTABLE

 * Last UpArrow in returnToLink gets an accesskey.

 * Prevention of double use of accesskey via galleryLink.

2006-06-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j72-UNSTABLE

 * Moved rebuilding thumbs into its own rebuild_thumbs.php

2006-06-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j71-UNSTABLE

 * New: Added popups/recreate_captions.php

2006-06-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j70-UNSTABLE

 *** !!! CHANGE !!! ***

 * Created popups/ folder and moved nearly all popups in it

 * Removed HTML Validation link everywhere.
 * Adjust includes etc. in popups

 * Tweaked makeGalleryURL
2006-06-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j69-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Statusbar was little broken in captionar.php

 * Fix: Error when custom field was not translateable in captionator.php

 * Added debugmessages in classes/gallery/UserDB.php

 * Changed Wording for User integritycheck

 * Nicified layout/

 * Fix: invalid css

2006-06-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j68-UNSTABLE

 * Accesskeys in item Commands.

2006-06-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j67-UNSTABLE

 * Change from _() to gTranslate at various places.

2006-06-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j66-UNSTABLE

 * NEW: Functionality to recreate all captions of an album (recursiv if wanted)

 * New: Folder for popups

2006-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j65-UNSTABLE

 * Bugfix for b64 ;)

2006-06-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j64-UNSTABLE

 * Accesskey Changes:
	- Additional param to getIconText() to set a stickyAlt, regardless the iconmode
	- New function getAccessKey($text)
	- New function removeAccessKey($text)
	- make_separator() now works with accesskeys
	- array_sort now doesnt fall over accesskeys

 * Accesskey Use in

 * Change: Use of LoginLogoutButton in view_photo.php

 * NEW: function galleryIconLink($url, $icon, $text, $iconMode = '', $attrList = array())
2006-06-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j63-UNSTABLE

 * Change: Reworked checkVersions().
   It not returns one array and the calling procedure needs to figure out what to do.

 * Change: Adjust check_gallery_versions() and setup/check_versions.php to above changes.

 * Change: Reenabled verbose output of jhead in util.php.

 * Cleanups in classes/Album.php

 * Removed OLD function includeTemplate()

 * Nicify of some files.

2006-06-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j62-UNSTABLE

 * Use of true/false instead 0 / 1

2006-06-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j61-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: init_language() is not called redundant in init.php

 * Change: When user updates his language, the parent page is reloaded with the new language.

 * PHP5 fix:
   In classes/Mail/htmlMimeMail.php, ecard_form.php was $HTTP_SERVER_VARS used,
   which is not longer present in PHP5

 * Added svn IDs:

2006-06-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j60-UNSTABLE

 * Translation in Setup fix.

2006-06-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j59-UNSTABLE

 * CSS nicify.

2006-06-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j58-UNSTABLE

 *** CHANGE ***

 * removed html_wrap folder !!! *

 * Moved frames into Layout

 * Moved general footer into templates.

 * Removed unneeded function includeHtmlWrap(); use of includeTemplate instead.

 * Adjustments to the above

2006-06-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j58-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: mod_rewrite was broken in b29

 * Fix: getTag was broken ib b37

2006-06-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j56-UNSTABLE

 *** CHANGE ***

 * Moved from html_wrap to layout

 * Removed (!):
 * Adjustments in
	templates/photo.tpl.default (!)

2006-06-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j55-UNSTABLE

 * css -> 1.6

YEEEEEEEHA ! The last one. alpha-1 is near

2006-06-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j54-UNSTABLE

*** CHANGE ***

 Template renaming, added stats and slideshow header files in template dir.

2006-06-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j53-UNSTABLE

 *** CHANGE ***

 Template renaming, added gallery, album and photo header files in template dir.

 * General cleanup.

2006-06-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j52-UNSTABLE

 *** CHANGE ***

 Remove of html_wrap/ and html_wrap/photo.footer.default

2006-06-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j51-UNSTABLE

 *** CHANGE ***

 Remove of html_wrap/gallery.album.default and html_wrap/album.footer.default

2006-06-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j50-UNSTABLE

 *** CHANGE ***

 Remove of html_wrap/gallery.header.default and html_wrap/gallery.footer.default

2006-06-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j49-UNSTABLE

 * More use of gTranslate()

 * css -> 1.6

 * removed unneeded extra_fields.php

 * General Cleanups and HTML fixes

2006-06-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j48-UNSTABLE

 * combined (removed + create new template file)

 * css -> 1.6

 * Cleanups
2006-06-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j47-UNSTABLE

 * Very little Wording in config_data.

 * Fix: Added littlered * to necessary fields.

 * Removed unneeded things in arrayToBarGraph()

 * CSS-> 1.6

2006-06-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j46-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Typo in getTag introduce in 1.6-svn-b1-j37-UNSTABLE

2006-06-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j45-UNSTABLE

 * use of gSubmit etc. in move_photo.php

 * css->1.6
 * removed unneeded files

2006-06-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j44-UNSTABLE

 * Error nicify in class/Album.php

 * css-> 1.6 / HTML fixes

2006-06-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j43-UNSTABLE
 FIX: PHP5 fixes change $HTTP_ to $_

 * CSS -> 1.6

 * HTML Fixes

 * More use of gTranslate

 * General Cleanup

2006-06-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j42-UNSTABLE

 * More use of gTranslate

 * CSS -> 1.6
 * HTML Fixes

 * Rewrite Fix in setup/init.php

 * General Cleanup
2006-06-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j41-UNSTABLE

 * Typo in Varname.

2006-06-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j40-UNSTABLE

 * HTML/CSS Fixes

2006-06-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j39-UNSTABLE

 * HTML Fixes in:

 * CSS -> 1.6

 * Added gReset()

 * General cleanup and fixes, more use of gTranslate()

2006-06-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j38-UNSTABLE

 * General cleanup and fixes, more use of gTranslate()

 * CSS -> 1.6

2006-06-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j37-UNSTABLE


 Changed $attrs = '' to $attrs = array() in:

 - classes/Album.php
 - classes/AlbumItem.php
 - classes/Image.php

2006-06-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j36-UNSTABLE

 * HTML fixes in:
	- move_photo.php
	- administer_startpage.php
	- resize_photo.php
	- lib/setup.php
	- lib/Form.php
2006-05-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j35-UNSTABLE

 * b30 change was not complete.

2006-05-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j34-UNSTABLE

 * CSS -> 1.6

2006-05-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j33-UNSTABLE

 * Updated tool for generating manifest.

2006-05-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j32-UNSTABLE

 * CSS -> 1.6 slideshow

2006-05-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j31-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: mod_rewrite changes in b29 were not complete.

2006-05-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j30-UNSTABLE

	Move index of highlight into albumdata.
	So we dont need to go through the complete album.

	Album-Version bump.

2006-05-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j29-UNSTABLE

 * Layout:
    o setup/
    o setup/

 * CSS -> 1.6
    o setup/check_imagemagick.php
    o setup/check_netpbm.php
    o setup/backup_albums.php

 * Moved checks for mod_rewrite completely into lib/setup.php

 * Improved check for .htaccess (check for existance)

 * Moved checkNetPbm() into lib/setup.php

 * Added template for check ImageMagick and NetPBM

 * Consolidation for check ImageMagick and NetPBM.

2006-05-14/17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j27/j28-UNSTABLE

 * Added <DOLLAR>Id: at various Places.

2006-04-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-svn-b1-j26-UNSTABLE

 * New: function getSVNRevision()

 * Tweaked tools/build_manifest.php to work with svn

 * Use of gTranslate at various places.

 * Layout of setup/check_versions.php

 * Use of class="g-button" at various places.

 * General Layout.

2006-04-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.4-cvs-b4 / 1.6-svn-b1-j25-UNSTABLE

 * Fix: Often bots access the ecardform without having correct photo loaded etc.
        This leaves unnecessary Errormessage in Apaches logfile

   Thanks to Peter Schumacher from forums.

 * Fix: Only do userinput sanitation if value contains html tags.

 * FIX: Compressing an Image with having maximum filesize failed.
   Thanks to Scott Barnes (atomsmith) from forums.

 * FIX: Just compressing(no resize) an Image with NetPBM failed.

2006-04-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-cvs-b1-j24-UNSTABLE

 * Fixed css of upgrade_users.php

2006-04-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-cvs-b1-j23-UNSTABLE

 * Tweaked css/layout in watermark_album.php

2006-04-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-cvs-b1-j22-UNSTABLE

 * Use of gSubmit() and gButton at some places

 * Added title to gSubmit and gButton

 * Layout/css adjustment in watermark_album.php

 * Added class floatleft in ltr.css and rtl.css

 * Little HTML change in setup/

2006-04-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.6-cvs-b1-j21-UNSTABLE

 * Added g-button to some buttons

 * Fixed up arrow in imagemap

 * Use of same login button in imagemap then elsewhere

 * Fix: Show correct name for anonymous commenters.

 * use Infobox for errormessage in add_comment

 * Use correct path to donation-block template in general footer

2006-04-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.4-cvs-b1
 * Fix: Album Permissions were not working proper.
	Thanks to Jonathan Stanley (SHS in IRC)

2006-03-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b11

 * Fix: Order of file upload fields was "wrong" in Firefox. 
	Lets say different then in IE and Opera where the error occured.

2006-02-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b10

 * FIX: If zipdownload is enabled and zipping failed,
	gallery regardless tried to delete the parentfolder of the non existing file.
	This deletes A LOT MORE then we want.

2006-02-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b9

   If you trick an admin or a ser who has owner privs in a gallery into
   clicking on prepared link and it will cause them to insert a bad file path
   into their album data which could then cause a local file execution bug.

   The Team would like to thank
   Tom Saville ( and his team from

2006-02-02 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b8

 * Change: Make select boxes in watermark form to stay at the value selected before a preview.
   Thanks to ejolley from forum.

2006-01-31 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b7

 * Fix: Typo in lib/imageManipulation (netPPM instead netPBM).
	This causes watermarking to fail when watermark is a gif.

2006-01-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b6

 * Change: Just some code rearrange in albums.php

2006-01-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b5

 * Change: Added icons for rotate and flip.

 * Change: Layout of rotate_photo.php.
   Thanks to Volksport.

 * Change: Make black-random configurable in setup.

 * Change: Css changes to make Config-wizard a little smarter.

 * Change: Css files of skins can also now named .default.

2006-01-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b4

 * Fix: adminOtherChangesEmail was not working.
   Thanks to rbeuker from forums.

2006-01-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b3

 * Fix: setup/session_test.php didnt work correct with register globals off.

2006-01-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b2

 * Change: RFE #1193290
   Renamed $gallery->app->comments_display_name to $gallery->app->name_display (config Version bump)
   This is now used at most places. where a user is displayed.

 * Fix: Updated manifest.

2006-01-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.3-cvs-b1

 * Fix: "move" and "copy" an item was restricted to admins.
	 Reverted to people who have permissions to edit an album.

2006-01-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b9

 * Change: "sanitize" fullname in new_password.php also.

 * Change: removed html/, move this into lib/messages

2006-01-18 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b8

 * Security-Fix: Fullname for users was not sanitized.
                 Thus an unnince user could do a XSS injection
	         as the fullname is displayed when owner is displayed.
   Thanks to Peter Schumacher!

 * Fix: 'fitToWindow' was broken for Internet Explorer.
   Thanks to petorian from forum.

2006-01-17 Pierre-Luc Paour <>  1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b7

 * Fix: applets work again in Joomla-embeded mode. Thanks Mike Henin.

2006-01-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b6

 * Change: Added css for subalbumtree and tree element to have same appearance as in 1.5.1

2006-01-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b5

 * Fix: Substitution function for glob() for PHP<4.3 returned . and .. which broke zipdownload.

2006-01-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b4

 * Fix: Due to my regexp UNknowledge Pelles hints in RC2-cvs-b16 broke upload with netPBM.

2006-01-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b3

 * Fix: fitToResize in view_photo should not be applied to movies :)
   Thanks rebdrew from forums.

2006-01-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b2

 * Fix: OOoops, german in config wizard.
   Thanks to Bart.

2006-01-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC3-cvs-b1

 * Fix: galleryImage() in setup/check_versions.php should be gImage()

 * Fix: check_imagemagick.php and setup/check_netpbm.php just check for existence of config.php,
	instead of doing proper test. Using gallerySanityCheck() now.

 * Change: Removed function error_row_wrap(),just use gallery_error() in

2006-01-09 Chris Kelly <> 1.5.2-RC2

 * Release: 1.5.2-RC2

2006-01-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b16

 * Change: "pimp my code" in lib/imageManipulation.php
   - Use separate internal var $stripProfiles instead of override $keepProfiles
   - Use technically correct escaping in regexp. Thanks to Pelle.
   - Use execwrapper instead of exex_internal.

2006-01-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b15

 * Fix: "Set as highlight" for subalbums were broken in 1.5.2-RC2-CVS-b6
   Thanks to mastrboy from forum.

2006-01-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b14

 * FIX: rar cmdline tool can only handle RAR.
	- NOT handled: 'cab', 'arj', 'lzh', 'tar', 'gz', 'bz2', 'ace', 'uue', 'jar', 'z'
	- Adjust text in upload form.

 * Fix: Supported archives were not showed in selected box for url upload.

 * Fix: AcceptableArchive() should be acceptableArchive()

 * Fix: Dont extract content of rar archives with full path.
        The results in problems when content files have spaces.

 * Fix: Use of gTranslate in layout/

 * Change: Added a lot more debugmessages (sorry translators)

 * Change: Some layout regarding to upload process.

2006-01-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b13

 * Fix: getLanguageAlias() was buggy,
	but appeared only in some environtments in combination with Joomla! and/or Mambo.

2006-01-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b12

 * Update Copyright to 2006.

2006-01-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b11

 * Fix: When Magic quotes are on and Gallery runs on Windows,
        \ in pathes was erased by stripslashes.

2006-01-04 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b10

  * Fix: Adapted init.php to fit with phpBB2 2.0.19

  * Changed: Removed phpBB2 Patch, as it only would fit for a couple Versions.

2006-01-01 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b9

  * Fix: Bug #1379746 ] search.php wrongly matches albums

2005-12-31 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b8

 * Fix: Albumtree used not the url, but the name.
        Thanks eliah from forum.

2005-12-31 Kai Tomalik <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b7

 * Fix: No hardcoded table prefix for mambo and Joomla!

2005-12-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b6

 * Fix: Item Owner couldnt delete their own item when 
        they had no delete permission for the complete album.

 * Fix: Item Owner couldnt watermark their own pictures.

 * Fix: Item Owner couldnt resize their own pictures.

 * Fix: Item Owner permissions in view_album and view_photo were totally broken.

 * Change: Layout in layout/

 * Change: More text when using form upload. Also layout enhancement for dynamic fields.

 * Change: Reduced output in non-debug when adding items.

 * Change: Layout in user_preferences.php

2005-12-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b5

 * Fix: If user choosed "no caption" on upload, this setting was ignored.
   Thanks to jobeus from forum.

 * Fix: Removed deprecated Call-time pass-by-reference in watermarkform.
   Thanks to Lypsik from forum.

2005-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b4

 * Fix: Added the two new help files to approved file list.
   Thanks Kai.

2005-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b3

 * New: Added 2 new options for highlight and thumbnail quality.
        Users complained about new fix quality settings.

   -> Config Version bump.

2005-12-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b2

 * Fix: Missing quotation broke previous thumbs in microthumb nav.
   Thanks to Perrin from forums.

 * Fix: Missing ; after &nbsp microthumb nav.
2005-12-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-RC2-cvs-b1

 * Fix: gTranslate relied on gettext, now works without.
   Thanks to alindeman.

 * Change: removed last ngettext() call, use gTranslate instead.

2005-12-28 Chris Kelly <> 1.5.2-RC1

 * Release: 1.5.2-RC1

2005-12-28 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b61

 * Fix: Use full/resized prev in microthumbs
   Thanks to Kai.

2005-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b60

 * Fix: Aurotated photos (exif) were rotated again on copy/move.

 * Fix: Autorotation code was executed even if pic is no jpeg.

2005-12-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b59

 * Fix: Enable ImageMaps only in resized view.

 * Change: AltText on tipIcon

 * New: functions galleryLink() & generateAttrs()

 * Change: Added link back to photo from ImageMaps

 * Change: some indenting.

2005-12-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b58

 * Fix: Step 3 in Config was little bit broken.
   Thanks to Kai.

 * Change: Updated Manifest.

2005-12-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b57

 * Change: Added display of creation date in albums.php

 * Change: Wording in register.php

 * New: Added method getCreationDate() in classes/Album.php

 * Change: length for email and fullname field in html/

 * Change: change of bars002 skin.

2005-12-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b56

 * Change: Some css in config.php

 * Fix: Disabled "Show the add vote link" in stats-wizard,
        as this functionality is not implemented yet.

 * Fix: removed redundant function galleryImage()

 * Change: simplified form_choice(); lib/setup.php

 * Fix: Some HTML fixes in config wizard.

 * New: Show h0bbel(legend) for status appearing in step1 check page.

 * New: Added Js to switch graphictoolkit settings.

2005-12-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b55

 * Fix: Thumbnail in Successmessage for eCards got lost.

 * Fix: Remove commentspam blacklist entries was broken.

 Thanks to Kai for catching this.

2005-12-18 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b54

 * Change forgot to commit new icon images.

2005-12-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b53

 * Change: Code and html nicify.

 * Fix: Button value in move_photo.

2005-12-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b52

 * Change: refactored printChildren and printMicrochilder
	   o Added nice tree pics (ready for rtl)
	   o Created function createTreeArray

 * Fix: Removed debugmessag in save_photos.php

 * Fix: Use gTranslate as some places in classes/Album.php

 * Change: Reword metadataOnUpload help messag.
	   Thanks to Christian "H0bbel" Mohn.

 * Change: Nicified

 * Fix: removed from list of translateable files.

2005-12-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b51

 * New: Added help for metadata on upload.

 * Fix: Metadata on upload.

 * Change: Removed not need 'admin' tab in upload photos.

 * Change: Some text changes in administer startpage.

 * Fix: imagemaps were not working inside Geeklog
   (Thanks Georg)

 * Change: No fix amount of upload files, instead use dynamic count of files.
   	   Used script from  Stickman --

 * Change: Added more debumessages in util.php

 * Change: Set quality for thumbnails sticky to 50

 * Fix: Typo in css/base

 * New: Added function gImage that generates a complete <img ...> html

 * Change/Fix: Internal param use for ImageMagick. (e.g. cropping for IM5 was broken)

 * Change: Updated bars002 skin.

2005-12-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b50

 * New: Added help/ folder

 * New: Added help (questionmark) icon

 * Change: Added help for imagemap.php

 * Fix: use gTranslate, not gtranslate in setup/configdata

2005-12-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b49

 * Fix: Bug #1299951, custom field options are not applied to nested albums

2005-12-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b48

 * Fix: Bug #1281140, charset in emails.

2005-12-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b47

 * Fix: Zlrofix JS. reverted to former JS and fixed it via PHP.

2005-12-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b46

 * Fix: Display of ImageMaps was broken when Imagemaps in the middle where removed.

 * Fix: DebugMessage in lib/lang prevent login

2005-12-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b45
 * Change: New icons for navigation, placed into images/icons

 * Change: Moved icon definition for navigation into includes/definitions/navIcons.php

2005-12-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b44

 * Change: Added sort parameter to makeSectionTabs

 * "Fix": Translate "No Skin" in confwizard.

 * Change: Move checkImageMagick() into lib/setup.php

 * Change: Beautified setup/check_imagemagick.php and added check for optional bins.

 * Change Beautified setup/check_versions.php

 * Fix: More use of gTranslate in confwizard.

 * Change: Little css Change in config.css

2005-12-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b43

 * Change: Params of ImCmd

 * Change: ImCmd optimized for IM6

 * New: Optimized thumbnail creation for IM6

 * Change: removed unused function vd() (sorry joan ;))

 * Change: Added posibility for negative test with ! in testRequirement()

 * Change: Adde case 'albumIsRoot' to testRequirement()

 * Fix: Splitted "delete album" in view_album into delete root album and delete subalbum

 * Change: Only popup option are available in selectbox in view_album, ALL are available in view_photo

 * Change: renamed compress_image to compressImage and changed params

 * Change: Optimized compressImage for IM6

 * Change: general code nicify.

 * New: Added HQ Paramater for ImageMagick, if yes, then resized have a slightly higher quality.

2005-12-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b42

 * Change: Sort albumProperties alphabetically.

 * Change: Added size 50 for album titles for better readability.

 * Change: Moved "voter class" at first position in album properties.

 * Change: Some code nicify.

 * Change: Updated bars002 skin.

2005-12-04 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b41

 * Fix: administer_startpage.php should open itself as a "real" popup when embedded.

 * Fix: Changed Windows lineendings to unix style in ecard_preview.php

 * Change: Moved some functions from util.php into lib/album.php and lib/imageManipulation.php

 * Fix: ecard parsing must be different for preview and final mail sending.
   And again Kai did it :)

 * Change: Some intending and code nicify.

2005-11-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b40

 * Fix: Imagemaps were not working embedded.
  Thanks again Kai.

2005-11-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b39

 * Fix: Since change in b28 amount of views was no displayed correct.
   Thanks to Toastmaster

2005-11-27 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b38

 * Fix: Add imagemap.php to $safe_to_include array
   Thanks to Kai Tomalik

2005-11-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b37

 * Fix: Watermarking with ImageMagick was broken since b19.

2005-11-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b36

 * Fix: Commenting was broken when comments_addType was 'inside'
   Thanks to Toastmaster from forums.

2005-11-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b35

 * Fix: Missing formvalues in view_photo.php when only one Service is selected.
   Thanks to icerunner from forums.

2005-11-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b34

 * Change: Got almost definitely rid of an old relict :)

2005-11-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b33

 * Change: Little performance tweak for ImCmd(). Use static var for IM Version.

2005-11-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b32

 * Change: Add possibility to delete album via "main" album options selectbox.

2005-11-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b31 "Holly Release Part 2"

 * NEW: Added possibility to add imagemaps (areas) to a photo.

 * Fix: Alignment breadcrumb

 * Fix: Missing echo in drawCommentAddForm().

 * Fix: Sorting content of album was broken.
   Thanks to Brian Rademacher !

 * Change: Layout of icons in view_photo.php

 * Change: Added 'pure_text' field to albumItem options for sorting.

 * Change: Prevent unnecessarey Javacript when getting albumItem options.

2005-11-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b30

 * Change: Lots of translation related things.
  - Change a lot _() to gTranslate()
  - wording
  - introdcued common translation file
  - added download.php and includes/add_photos/ to list of translated files 

 * Change: Little Layout change in delete_album.php and rearrange.php
 * Change: Wording and checks in download.php
2005-11-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b29

 * Change: List of owner is now sorted again alphabetically.

 * Change: Mark Pseudousers with * around in permission dialog.

 * Change: Wordings.

 * Fix: xgettext keyword parameter to catch gTranslate.

 * Fix: Missing , in setup/check_versions.php

2005-11-04 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b28

 * New: Added creation date to album fields

 * New: Added sort by last reset date and creation date to mainpage albums.

 * Fix: Album permissions were broken in b17

 * CHANGE: removed function pluralize_n2 !

 * NEW: Added function gTranslate to lib/lang.php

 * NEW: Added third translation file for common phrases used in config and core.
        NOTE: only german is updated !

 * CHANGE: --keyword=gTranslate:1,2 in po/

 * Change: Some wording.

 * Fix: breadcrumb in captionator

 * Fix: Better handling in save_photos.php for unreadable dirs and files.

 * Change: moved function createNewAlbum() from util.php to lib/album.php

 * Change+Fix: tweaked array_sort_by_fields() to handle album fields (sorting by subarray)

 * Fix: Element counter on mainpage was broken.

2005-10-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b27

 * Fix: naming in b26 was wrong

 * Fix: added administer_startpage.php to safe to include list.

   Thanks to dmolavi for catching this bugs.

2005-10-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b26

 * Change: Changed button for rebuild highlights to "Adminster startpage".

 * New: Added popup "Adminster startpage".

 * New: Added possibility to resort albmorder on startpage.

2005-10-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b25

 * Fix: Some php4.4.0 fixes in Richards Heyes' htmlMimeMail.php

 * Change: Added Alias before receptient adress in ecards -> Jens <>

2005-10-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b24

 * Change: Standardified a lot texts.

2005-10-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b23

 * Change: Some more little changes in random-block.

 * Fix: added quotes around filename in function downloadFile()

 * Change: Some more space saving in config wizard.

 * Change: Moved function getCheckStatus() into lib/setup.php

 * CHANGE: Use of chmod in platform functions instead of umask as suggested in php docs.

2005-10-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b22

 * Change: renamed readCache() and writeCache() in stats.php and block-random.php 
	    to more unique names, to avoid conflicts.

 * Change: Change html output of block-random.php. Uses now <div> with classes instead of <center>.

 * Fix: Do not send headers in initLanguage() if headers were already sent.

 * Change: Display columns in view_photo_properties left/right aligned according to language direction.

2005-10-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b21

 * Fix: New Images were not committed in b20.

 * Fix: Use correct gif, instead of non existing png in and js/toogle.js

2005-10-18 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b20

 * Change: Pimp my configwizard step 1.
	   - New Layout
	   - Changed wording
	   - Combined some test.

 * New: function galleryImage() in lib/content.php

 * Change: Added more detaied description for thumbs ratio.

 * New: Added js/toggle.js

2005-10-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b19

 * Change: Different param order for ImageMagick.

 * Change: removed function removeTags(), which was just a wrapper for strip_tags()

 * NEW: Added ratio for thumbnails (per album) and highlight (startpage).
        0   - Ratio as the original
	1/1 - Square

       -> Config version bump
 * New: Added "rebuild highlights" for admins. It rebuild all highlights on startpage.

 * New: Added "Paranoia" debuglevel, not useful for normal debug ;)

 * Change: reworked function getDimensions(), removed second parameter.

 * Change: create lib/album.php and lib/imageManipulation.php, moved functions from util.php.

 * New: method getHighlightRatio() in classes/Album.php

 * Change: modified method makeThumbnail() in classes/AlbumItem.php to hence thumbnail ratio.

 * New: function cropImageToRatio() in lib/imageManipulation.php

 * Change: Some css changes in config to save space.

 * Fix: Frames were broken due to wrond base url.

2005-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b18

 * Change: Added subgroups in configwizard.

2005-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b17 "Holly Release Part 1"

 * NEW: Support for albumdownload as zipfile.
   - Added new permission for zipdownload per album.
   - Tweaked albums.php, when user is allowed to download and zip is installed, 
     a little zipicon appears.
   - Same for subalbums in view_album.php
   - Added download.php. This is called when user presses icon.
     User can choose between full, or resized download.
   - Added Path to 'zip' in config wizard.

   - new method getImageName() in classes/AlbumItem.php and classes/Image.php
   - new method canDownloadAlbum() classes/User.php
   - splitted canHandleArchive() into canDecompressArchive() and canCreateArchive()
   - new function createZip()
   - new function getMimeType()
   - new internal function createTempAlbum()
   - new function rmdirRecursive()
   - new function downloadFile()
   - new function arrayflaten()
   - new method getAbsolutePhotoPath() in classes/Album.php
   - new method numItems() in classes/Album.php
   - new method getAlbumItemNames in classes/Album.php
   - new method getAlbumSize() in classes/Album.php
   - new function formatted_filesize()

2005-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b16

 * Fix: manage_users.php were broken in in b12

 * New: Its now possible to have an sorting by photo/Album, after normal sorting.

 * Change: Numbers of pages in navigator are now centered.

2005-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b15

 * CHANGE: outsorced a lot functions that create output from util.php into lib/content.php

 * Change: Images in ecard are now embedded.
	   Benefit is more privacy and image dirs can be protected via .htaccess auth.

 * Change: Added default name 'g1_form' to makeFormIntro()

 * Change: Lots of indenting.

2005-10-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b14

 * New: Better Support for Joomla!

2005-10-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b13

 * Fix: phpBB2 people changed code a little. So patch didnt work.
	Made Docu updates also. G1.5.2 works now with phpBB2 from 2.0.6 - 2.0.17

2005-10-05 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b12

 * "Fix": Adjust layout of captionator.

 * Fix: Errormessage when nothing was entered in login.php never occured due to register globals.

 * Change: use of function to draw userlist in manage_users.php

 * Fix: Background of higlihted tab in config was broken.

2005-10-04 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b11

 * Change: Made "post" the default method for forms.

 * Change: A lot indentings and use of default forms.

2005-10-04 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b10

 * Fix: Urls in at least phpNuke 7.8 where generated wrong.

 * Fix: When "returnTo-Link" is off, you should still can go back to thumbnail view.

2005-10-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b9

 * Change: NOW use favicon.ico from gmc. :)

2005-09-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b8

 * Change: Rewrite of permission dialog code. MUCH simpler now.

 * Change: Removed a lot set*** permission methods as they were redundant.

 * Change: lots of indenting in classes/Album*.php

 * Fix: forgot one user_name_string() in classes/Album.php

2005-09-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b7

 * "Fix": breadcrumb in view_album was also showed if there is no content.

 * Fix: Bug #1299959. Title text in alt and title tag of image was not escaped.

 * Fix: Some HTML 4.01.

2005-09-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b6

 * Fix: Typo in function emailComments() caused link to album to be wrong.

2005-09-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b5

  * Fix: Bug #1235007
         html_wrap/stats.header.default does not contain a block to optionally
         include a stats.header.tpl file, unlike every other *.header.default file.

2005-09-25 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b4

 * Change: Removed function user_name_string from util.php.
           This is now all in method printableName() of classes/User.php
 * Fix: Bug #1199064. Tweaked method printableName(), 
        so that not the username is returned if no fullname is given.
 * Change: Some indenting.

2005-09-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b3

 * Fix: Voting instruction texts in some skins. Bug#1249919 .

2005-09-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b2

 * New: Its now possible to set "browser" as default language. Covers patch #1176481.
 * New: New function getDefaultLanguage.
 * Change: use of new function. Some code cleanup.

2005-09-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.2-cvs-b1

 * New: If selfregister is on, then inside the login popup is a link to register.
        This covers Patch #1042354.

2005-09-22 Chris Kelly <> 1.5.1

	* Release:  1.5.1

2005-09-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b13

	* FixFix: b11 broke more then it fixed :-( FIXed it :-)

2005-09-21 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b12

	* Fix: Urls for Gallery embedded into CPGNuke didnt work.
	       So we do the same for cpgnuke as for the other *nukes done in 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b3.
2005-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b11

	* "Fix": Cach invalid input for $page and set_albumListPage in view_album.php and stats.php
	Found by Andrew Khlebutin

2005-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b10

	* Fix: fs_opendir leaks resources.
	  Found and fixed by David Faulkner

2005-09-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b9

        * Fix: Make changeToAlbum emails HTML-mails, so links work correctly.
	  Thanks to Ansolon.

2005-09-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b8

	* Fix: Typo.

2005-09-15 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b7

	* Fix: Turn of verbose display of exifdata with jhead.
	       This caused problems as verbosed data has different structure.
	* Fix: First line of exifdata was always removed,
	       regardless whether jhead or exiftags is used.

2005-09-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b6

	* Change: Added paramater to gallery_mail() to send mail as HTML-mail.

	* Fix: Make comment emails HTML-mails, so links work correctly.

2005-09-12 Dariush Molavi <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b5

	* Change: New address for Free Software Foundation in GPL header.

2005-09-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b4

	* New: Added function urlIsrelative().

	* Fix: Relative URL in $gallery->app->photoAlbumURL did not longer work,
	       due to new full url schema added in
               1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b14 + 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b3.

	* Fix: $name is not set when Gallery is startpage in *Nuke.
	       So we try to extract it from $modpath.

	* Fix: Url in stats-wizard was not generated on first load when embedded.

2005-09-12 Rasmus Lerdorf 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b3

	* Fix: Some functions taking arguments by reference for no real reason
	       in gallery_remote2.php.
	       It breaks under the latest versions of PHP because
	       the reference checking has improved.

2005-09-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b2

	* "Fix": As we use now (1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b12) verbose output for exifdata, 
	   we now show only fields WITH data.

2005-09-08 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC4-cvs-b1

	* Fix: Issues with setup/ which not longer exists.

2005-08-29  Chris Kelly <> 1.5.1-RC3

	* Release: 1.5.1-RC3

2005-08-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b15

	* Fix: Poll Properties were not set recursively.

2005-08-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b14
	* Merged b12 and b13, language syncronisation for RC3.

2005-08-24 Jay Rossiter <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b13

	* Fix: Prevent file exposure bug in stats module (thanks to ilia)

2005-08-23 Jay Rossiter <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b12

	* Fix: Prevent HTML tags inside EXIF info from being displayed without

2005-08-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b11

	* Fix: Make it possible to have Gallery as startpage in Postnuke or phpNuke.

	* Change: Url to w3c html validator.

2005-08-17 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b10

	* Fix: When using do_command.php e.g.for creating new album and Gallery is embedded,
	       "Attempted security breach." occured due to new full url schema added in 
	       1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b14 + 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b3

	* Fix: After creating a new album, with debug and email on, 
	       an Error occured and dismiss button didnt work.

2005-08-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b9

	* Fix: Moved and adapted setup/ to lib/setup.php.
	       Some functions in this file are also used outside setup, 
	       so when user protect the setup folder some functions where unavailable.

	* New: Added functions fs_is_writable

	* Fix: .htacces is optional, use function above to check to prevent error message.	

2005-08-16 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b8

	* Fix: Wording. 'strg' is german ;) 'ctrl' is more international.

	* Change: Some indenting.

	* "Fix": Change some <td nowrap> and put it into css class.
		 Affected are class "head" and "title".

2005-08-14  Alan Harder <>  1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b7

	* Allow access to hidden photos via direct url.
	  (rollback change from Gallery 1.3.1)

2005-08-14 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b6

	* Fix: Use makeGalleryAlbumHeaderUrl() in links in Emails.
	       - edit_appearance.php
	       - classes/Album.php
	       - lib/mail.php

	Thanks to Ansolom.

	* Change: Some indenting and phpdocs.

2005-08-13 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b5

	* Fix: Using referer for generating embedded urlprefix wasnt a good idea.
	        Instead now use Gallery Url + script_name.

	Thanks to Mark (SG7)

2005-08-12  Bharat Mediratta  <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b4

	* Fix: typo in albums.php 'posess' -> 'possess' (thanks driz)

2005-08-12 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b3

	* Fix: Added path to folder to the url when Gallery is embedded in *Nuke,
	       but not in the document root.

2005-08-11 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b2

	* Fix: Even if clickcount display is off for an album
	       an admin should see the click counts in stats.

	Thanks to Lucent.

2005-08-10 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC3-cvs-b1

	%!@# ZLORFIX ! i shouldnt touch RC code.

	* Fix: Minimum width change broke ecard with pictures >= 200px width.

2005-08-09  Chris Kelly <> 1.5.1-RC2

	* Release: 1.5.1-RC2

2005-08-09 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b15

	* Fix: Ecard stamp preview failed in IE, due to space in title of popup.
	  Thanks to Dariush Molavi.

	* Change: Added minimum width of ecard.

	* Change: used tidy on ecard template.

	* Change: increased needed Debuglevel when got successfully dimensions of an image.

2005-08-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b14

	* Fix: Added urlprefix via referer to embedded urls, so we get complete urls in mails.

	* Fix: Possible security hole in postnuke by overriding global $name
	  Thanks to msandersen

	* Change: Format in nls.php

	* Change: Make urls in comments mail a link.

	* Fix: updated list of translateable core files.

	* Fix: Added isset() around test for optional bins in setup to avoid warnings.

	* Change: Some language related things.

2005-08-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b13

	* Fix: Deleting comments via overview when embedded.

2005-08-07 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b12

	* Change: Postnuke related adaptions for new Versions.
		  - urls
		  - user / userdb
		  - language
		  - stylesheets in wrapper.header
	  Thanks to msandersen

	* Change: Little more info in footer in Debugmode.

	* Fix: Ecard preview when embedded.

	* Fix: Stamp preview when embedded.

2005-08-06 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b11

	* Fix: Check for NetPBM and ImageMagick was not fully correct.

	* Fix: Separator for PATH var under windows is ; not :

	* Fix: Added message for partially found ImageMagick.

2005-08-04 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b10

	* Fix: Padding for current flag should belong to the td not img.

	* Change: Added columncount 20 to flags table. removed old unused code.

2005-08-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b9

	* Fix: Fix in b7 was not good :-|

2005-08-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b8

	* Change: Just added a new frame. Thanks to 'demonhood'

2005-08-03 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b7

	* Fix: A link to mainpage was shown in slideshow breadcrumb,
	       regardless whether return to was off.

2005-07-30 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b6

	* Change: Mailing
	  o Moved Mail related functions into new lib/mail.php
	  o Removed gallery_validate_email(), now only use check_email()
	    - login.php
	    - register.php
	    - lib/mail.php
	    - classes/Album.php
	    - setup/check_mail.php
	    - setup/
	 o reordered Notification mail. First now the message, then the disclaimer.

	* Fix: Mailing
	  o Recipients ($to) for gallery_mail() where mixed in some cases.
	   Now always a proper array.
	  o Emailprefix should be a prefix, not a suffix ;)
	  o emailLogMessage() was not compliant to gallery_mail(). Tweaked both.
	  o unhtmlentities() on some email subjects

	* Change: Lots of intenting.

	* Change: Added "done" Button in manage_users.php

2005-07-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b5

	* Fix: Added missing { in classes/Mail/smtp.php.
	       Bug sneaked in in php 4.4.0 fixes in 1.5.1-cvs-b61.

2005-07-29 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b4

	* Fix: In Photoview, stay in the viewmode (full or normal) that the current photo is.

2005-07-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b3

	* Fix: Fix in RC2-b1 "fixed" too much.

2005-07-26 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b2

	* Fix: CSS Stylesheets were displayed to early when embedded.
	       This caused warnings etc. when Environment sends headers.

	* Change: Added ... in Navigator to jump to the next Block.

2005-07-24 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-RC2-cvs-b1

	* Fix: Embedded Urls where generated wrong.

2005-07-23  Chris Kelly <> 1.5.1-RC1

	* Release: 1.5.1-RC1

2005-07-23 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-cvs-b65

	* Fix: CSS is now loaded correct when embedded.
	       Now base and embedded.css are loaded when embedded.

	* Fix: Typo in ecard_form.php

	* Fix: Colorpicker in albumproperties didnt work when embedded and configured.

2005-07-22 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-cvs-b64

	* Change: translations in ecard_form

	* Change: topNavBar in view_photo is now a <div>, not a <table>

	* Change: simplification of checks for mircothumbs in view_photo

	* Fix: Borders around bottom Navigation when Mircothumbs off.
	Found by (Flori)Dave

2005-07-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-cvs-b63

	* FIX: When an admin changed something in his/her userdata, he/she lost the admin status.
	Thanks to Iain Lea

	* Fix: Translated JS messages in ecard_form.php

	* Fix: Added ecard files to translation list.

2005-07-20 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-cvs-b62

	* Fix: classes/Album.php
	  - missing $ before a var
	  - $wmAlphaName is not used when watermarking is wanted to during upload.

	* Fix: removed/changed debug Code in lib/url.php

	* Fix: size attribut in drawSelect2 was not correct handled.

2005-07-19 Jens Tkotz <> 1.5.1-cvs-b61

	* Fix: util.php
	  - Previous change to _getStyleSheetLink failed when setup called from embedded at first time.
	    Now uses getGalleryBaseUrl()
	  - generating thumbnails of animated gifs with IM were broken due to wrong order of options.
	 Found and fixed by Donald Webster.
	  - where_i_am() now correctly returns "core" when GALLERY_OK is false,
	    but where are at startpage with an error.

	* Fix: PHP 4.4.0 fixes in:
	  - classes/Album.php
	  - classes/Mail/htmlMimeMail.php
	  - classes/Mail/smtp.php
 	Thanks to Andy Staudacher and Donald Webster

	* Fix: $style was undefined in lib/lang.php
	Again Donald ;)

	* Change: Watermarking
	  - edit_watermark.php
	  - watermark_album.php
	  - layout/
	    o indenting
	    o added some phpdocs
	    o added for gifs that watermarking on animated gifs is not supported.
	    o HTML 4.01 validation
	    o correct validation link

	* Change: util.php
	  - indenting on some functions
	  - added some phpdocs
	  - more use of debugMessage()
	  - moved getGalleryBase() to lib/url.php and renamed to getGalleryBaseUrl()
	  - moved getGalleryPaths() to lib/url.php and renamed getGalleryPaths() to setGalleryPaths()
	  - gallery_validation_link() now uses always referer instead
	    of given filename when not configured.
	 - added Parameter $keepIndexes to function array_sort_by_fields:
	   if set to true, then uasort instead of usort is used.

	* Change: removed / from GALLERY_URL constant in index.php

2005-07-15 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b60

	* Fix: colorpicker was not working in very first setup
	   - Tweaked makeGalleryURL to return valid URL in config on first setup
	   - Tweaked makeGalleryURL to work without target
	   - Tweaked getImagePath() to work with makeGalleryUrl. Also moved to lib/url.php

	* Change: Updated Manifest.

	* Fix: Removed <> around From when sending via smtp.

2005-07-12  Jay Rossiter <>  1.5.1-cvs-b59

	* Fix: Prevent non-integer data from being passed into get*Tag functions

2005-07-12  Jay Rossiter <>  1.5.1-cvs-b58

	* Change: Create a new session after destroying the old on logout,
	  and set $gallery->session->gRedirDone to true to prevent the 'you must be logged in'
	  notice when logging out of a protected album.

	* Change: Move some of the session creation logic into createGallerySession()

2005-07-11 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b57

	* "Fix": Added function addSearchForm() that return the Form for entering the searchstring.
		 Benifit is unified layout and reuseability.
		 While doing this created functions langLeft() and langRight()
		 which returns "left" or "right" according to direction.

2005-07-07 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b56

	* Fix: Subjectprefix for emails got lost in b47

	* Change: search.php
		  - Name of album / photo is now searched also
		  - lots of indenting
		  - layout unified like tools/
		  - removed html_wrap/ header and footer and use comman gallery h/f

2005-07-07 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b55

	* Fix: if useIcons set to no, options in viewphoto dropdown had brackets []
	  Thanks to Iain Lea again :)

2005-07-07 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b54

	* Fix: Missing closing bracket in a gettext call
	       when creating subject for a mail in classes/Album.php
	  Thanks to Iain Lea.

2005-07-06 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b53

	* Fix: IP of Commenter was showed to everybody in comments overview.
	       Now only admins or album owner can see it.

2005-07-06 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b52

	* Fix: Some Titles in stats where switched.

	* Change: enhanced detection for nextId

	* Change: Lots of indenting

2005-07-05 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b51

	* Fix: When deleting on photolevel, jump to next (or previous if at the end) photo.
	  Thanks to Iain Lea.

	* Fix: Sorting in stats was switched.
	  Also thanks to Iain Lea.

2005-07-05 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b50

	* CHANGE: save_photos.php
		  - Do the copy to local temp dir only for accepted formats (images, movies, archives)
		  - Use fs_file_get_contents to get the content of the URL
		  - Changed Regexp to catch files from an URL. (Thanks Valiant and Signe)
		    o changed acceptableFormatRegexp() in util.php to fit with new regexp

	* Change: phpdoc changes.

2005-07-04 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b49

	* Fix: Language was not correct set in popups when embedded into mambo
	  Thanks to Kai Tomalik.

2005-07-04 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b48

	* Change: Added 4th to array_sort_by_fields: caseSensitive

	* Change: Display watermakr files alphabetical case insensitve sorted.

2005-07-04 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b47

	* Change: 3rd Param of array_sort_by_fields is now 'asc' or 'desc' instead of 1/-1.

	* Change: itemOptions in view_photo.php are now a dropdown when no icons are wanted.
		  Settings at file beginning can force dropdown with icons on.

	* Fix: Found untranslated text (!) in classes/Album.php
	  Thanks to Gekow.

	* New: Use phpDocumentor compatible documenting. Will be completed step by step.

	* Change: When embeddd into Mambo $mosConfig_lang is now checked.

	* Change: updated Manifest

	* Fix: reworked bulk user creation.
	       - register globals
	       - email problems

	* New: Added two more possible formats for bulk user creation.

	* CHANGE: moved gallery_mail into a wrapper for MAIL class. Removed gallery_smtp

	* Fix: use of gallery_error instead of errorRow classes/gallery/UserDB.php
	       when creating new user.

2005-06-30 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b46

	* Fix: Fieldtype for Comment Overview in Setup.

	* Change: moved /errors/ to includes/errors/

	* Change: Added multiple headings in properties to reduce tabs.

2005-06-28 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b45

	* Change: Better Text in edit_appearance.php

	* Change: Tweaked placeholder replace.

	* Fix: Removed check for number of custom fields, as it has no default.

	* Fix: Added lib/messages.php to list of translateable files.

	* Fix: function for displaying errorRow was broken.

2005-06-28 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b44

	* Fix: removed some more <> inside a Mail header (see b39)

	* Fix: Wrong description in css/screen.css

2005-06-27 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b43

	* Fix: Browserlanguange 'en' was not correct mapped to en_US.

	* Fix: Custom Fields were broken in edit_appearance in b39

	* Fix: Code for gifified. from b41.

2005-06-27 Pierre-Luc Paour <>  1.5.1-cvs-b42

        * Fix: fixed the warning in breadcrumb.php when album disallows
	  upwards navigation.

2005-06-26 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b41

	* New: Added icons for item actions. gifified by famous Volksport.

2005-06-26 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b40

	* Fix: Added  lib/colorpicker.php and  rearrange.php to safeToInclude list in index.php
	  Thanks to Kai Tomalik

	* Change: Added modified Patch #1085388.
		  Now we use a multi-select for selecting which items found in url.upload should be uploaded.
	  Thanks to Jonathan Dowland

	* Fix: rearrange.php opened wrong when embeded.
	  Thanks to Kai Tomalik

	* Fix: Again moved Javascript in view_photo.php as it were broken when embedded.

	* Change: Tweaked Javascript for (de)selecting all/inverting to work with multi-select.

	* Fix: removed Testcode in setup/ that broke config wizard.

2005-06-25 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b39

	* Security FIX !!!: Added check for invalid input for values for sizes in edit_appearance.
	  	   The values are used in exec() command.

	* Change: outsourced albumProperties from edit_appearance into includes/definitions/albumProperties

	* Fix: removed <> around some header fields when sending mails.
	       This caused Emailadresses to become <Someone <>>
	       Thanks to JohnH from the forums.

	* Fix: Javascript before doctype in view_photo.php
	       Thanks to Gaille.

	* Change: Some CSS for tabs

	* Change: lib/albumItem.php:
		  - removed unused ifs
		  - Text changes. Removed %s (label) at a couple commands.
		  - Added icon for watermarks.

	* Change: Tweaked infoLine() function. Now also acceptes array of messages.

	* New: Added function sanitycheck in lib/valchecks.php

	* Fix: Added more missing files to translation list for core.

	* Changes: Change from "off" to 0 for no image size limitations

	* Fix: Display of voting values.

2005-06-23 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b38

	* Fix: Bug #1217095, removed double stripslashes that breakes e.g. chinese.

	* Fix: Added missing files to translation list for core.

2005-06-23  Jay Rossiter <>  1.5.1-cvs-b37

	* Change: getRequestVar to stripslashes recursively into arrays

2005-06-21 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b36

	* Change: Possibility to set columnCount to -1 for ALL elements in one row.
		  (Fixes unnice lang selector with flags)

	* Fix: Comments display was borked when not logged with admin/owner permission.

	* Fix: added <br clear="all"> under language selector for proper table rendering in FF

2005-06-21 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b35

	* New: Added slightly modified Patch #875893 from Alan Harder.
	       This adds a popup in which you can nicely reorder your item via clicking.

2005-06-21 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b34

	* Change: enhanced fitToWindow for panorama photos.
		  Found by 'bolet' from the forums.

2005-06-20 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b33

	* Fix: Override in getIconText

	* Change: css class in layout/

	* Change: css for iconLinks in view_photo.php and removed sorting for actions.

	* Change: replaced "delete comment" under each comment with a little icon to save space.
		  And css change.

2005-06-19 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b32

	* Change: moved some messages functions into lib/messages.php
		  created new message functions for:
		  - infolines
		  - debugmessages

	* Change: Added infoline and tweaked Emailtext in create_user.php

	* Change: Added infoline in modify_user.php

	* Change: Modified config var "debug" yes/no to "debuglevel" 0 means no debug.
		  Tweaked isDebugging to recognize the level.
		  Now you can give a Parameter to ask if debug in in given level.

	* Change: stats-wizard.php, var 'sgr' renamed to 'showGrid'

	* CHANGE: stats-php
		  - lots of indenting
		  - The complete statstable is now generated via class galleryTable !!
		    o Thumbs are now just as they are, not anymore like in the albums.
		    o show Commentes code tweaked to work with galleryTable
		  - readded Grid mode, old code removed as the rendering is now done by galleryTable
		  - replace debug code with much smarter debugMessage()
		  - remove all 7 usort functions, replaced by one new
		    array_sort_by_fields() function in util.php

		  - renamed var 'rev' to 'reverse'

	* Change: util.php
		  - lots of indenting
		  - tweaked getIconText(),
		    o new parameter to override the iconMode
		    o new parameter to use the [] around the Text when no icon is used.
		  - Tweaked makeIconMenu(), added parameter to force a linebreak after the half of elements

	* Change: Added lib/AlbumItem.php
		  - New function getItemActions(),
		    returns an array with all possible albumItem actions
		  - New function showComments, return HTML with all comments for an item.

	* Change: view_album.php
		  - Use of getItemActions() under each thumb.
		  - Show Navigator only if there is something to navigate.

        * Change: view_photo.php
                  - Use of getItemActions() under each thumb.
                  - Show alle item actions as links (with or with out icons)

	* Change: Tweaked class galleryTable
		  - setAttr
		  - setColumnCount
		  - setHeaders
		  - setCaption
		  - adapted render()

	* Change: Added infoline for debug info in html_wrap/wrapper.footer.default

2005-06-13 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b31

	* Fix: When copying a photo to an album where "add to beginning" is enabled,
	       the additional Data was still added to last item.
	  Thanks to Johnstar.

2005-06-09 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b30

	* Fix: Navigator change was in albums.php was wrong.

2005-06-09 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b29

	* Change: Only show Navigator if there is something to navigate in:
		- albums.php

	* Change: Add Errormessage for more info to user in copy_photo.php

	* Change: Tweaked confusing mailmessage in multi_create_user.php

	* Fix: Show "Apply to nested albums" only if we are resizing all elements of in album in resize_photo.php

	* Fix: Highlights of albums where the higlight comes from a subalbum
	       with non ascii chars where broken because the URL was not urlencoded.

	* Fix: Typo in layout/ (found by Gaile)

2005-05-27  Jay Rossiter <>  1.5.1-cvs-b28

	* Fix: edit_captions was not displaying error messages due to variable

2005-05-24 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b27

	* Fix: use_exif was not broken in album properties.
	  Found by Johan Nenni

	* Change: removed class tab-text, the font color is now controlled by the tab itself.

2005-05-23 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b26

	* Fix: register globals in setup/check_versions.php

2005-05-23 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b25

	* NEW: Added Donald Websters Microthumb Code. => album version and config bump.

	* Change: removed,
		  instead created function languageSelector() in lang.php

	* Change: Unified layout for all admin pages.

	* Change: Enhanced classes/HTML/table.php

2005-05-20 Pierre-Luc Paour <>  1.5.1-cvs-b24

	* Change: Applets version 1.4.2-b20.

2005-05-10 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b23

	* Change: Change input for count of files/meta files a input box instead of comboxbox

	* New: added file:lib/valchecks.php with function isValidInteger. Its included via util.php.

2005-05-09  Jay Rossiter <>  1.5.1-cvs-b22

	* Change:  Config wiz typo

2005-05-09 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b21

	* Change: Merged Poll options and Custom fields into properties

	* New: Made folder include/definitions, which is supposed to contain static definition.
	       Currently added: (print) Services

	* Change: Minor GUI changes.

	* New: Added a classes/HTML folder, which is supposed to contain classes and method for html handling.
	       Currently added is only a very rudimental table class :)

2005-05-08 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b20

	* Fix: Custom fields were not set recursively (register globals issue)

	* Fix: remove Debug Code.

2005-05-06 Jens Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b19

	* Fix: RFE #1192462  (catch invalid manuell input of $set_AlbumListPage and $page via URL)

	* Change: minor tweak of getAlbum

2005-05-02 Stupid Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b18

	* Fix: More typos. Sorry, next time i pay more attention.

2005-05-02 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b17

	* Fix: typo in classes/Album.php introduced in b16

2005-05-02 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b16

	* Change: Added 'nobody' as default permission set.
 	Thanks to Andrew A. Chen for this idea.

2005-04-28 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b15

	Fix: More spelling and validation fixes by Gaile in base.css

	Fix: Initialtab was not correct set in edit_apperance

	Fix: When editing properties via startpage the properties page broke after 2 apply.

2005-04-27 Pierre-Luc Paour <>  1.5.1-cvs-b14

	* Fix: htmlMimeMail.php was checked in with the wrong line endings
	  which was causing the CVS build to fail on Windows.

2005-04-25 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b13

	* Fix: typos

	* Fix: Missing quoting in colorpicker.php

2005-04-25 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b12

	* Fix: css and html fixes. (found by Gaile)

2005-04-22 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b11

	* New: Added nice colorpicker for easy color setting.
	  Note: Coded and pictures were taken from the Horde Project (

	* Fix: Use of depricated var in html/

	* Change: Added hidden fields for sectionTabs that contains the current tab.
		  This enables us to highlight it, when reloading the page.

	* Change: Little Layout change in layout/

	* Change: former solution for Jmullan, broke HTML validality.
		  New solution: tweaked getPhotoTag() to accept attrs.

2005-04-21 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b10

	* Fix: eCard setting from setup was not used for new albums (thanks Judith)

	* Change: Added tabindex order in eCard Form and focus on first field.

	* Change: Admins can now created directly as new user.

	* New: New flag for user to allow or disallow them to change their password.
	  Note: User version bump. "Old" user automatically get this to true.

	* Change: Stay in modify user view after having modified a user.

	* New: added id="galleryImage" to img tags in view_photo (for jmullan)

	* Fix: View Comments for not loggedIn User where displayed even if setting in setup was off,
	       but everybody is allowed to see comments.

	* "Fix": removed select:focus css (except in Jenskin) as FF on Linux is buggy on this.

2005-04-20 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b9

	* Fix: Create user were b0rked since b2.

2005-04-20 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b8

	* Fix: Wrong use of check for itemOwner caused error
	       when user wants to see all comments in some circumstances.

2005-04-19 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b7

	* Fix: Wrong require in setup let Gallery config break on debian (thanks to tomukas)

	* Fix: critical typo in classes/Album.php

2005-04-19 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b6

	* Change: Use Name and Email of logged in users as default for Sender in ecards.

	* Change: Added Subject line for ecards.

	* Fix: ecard enable/disable setting was not set for nested albums.

2005-04-18 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b5

	* Change: Added new parameter to makeIconMenu for alignment

	* Change: Use IconMenu in view_photo for adminText

	* Change: Make eCards an album option. (needs album version bump)

	* Fix: Added ecard_form.php to allowed include list.

	* Change: Little layout, text and css and html validation for ecard_form.php

	* Fix: ecards opened popup with environment when Gallery is embedded.

2005-04-18 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b4

	* Fix: removed little debug code.

2005-04-17 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b3

	* Fix: invalid css in standalone css and some skins. (Thanks to pixelpoet)

	* Change: Added cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" to starting tables in html_wrap/*.header.default

2005-04-16 Jens A. Tkotz <>  1.5.1-cvs-b2

	* Fix: HTML validation in view_photo.php, login.php

	* Change: Added parameter to drawSelect for pretty printing.

	* Change: Album properties are displayed in tabs.

	* CHANGE: data structure of print services.
		  reconfig forced and album version bumped.

	  Note: code not finished ! Previous Values from config for print services not used.

	* Change: eCard template changes

	* Change: Modified eCard feature...

	* Change: Show Albumnames in pulldown for reorder album.

	* New: Added eCard Feature. (not completed yet.)

	* New: Added more placeholders in Welcome Msg. Used Patch #847436 as inspiration.

	* Change: Inform user when display of exifdate is enabled, but nothing found.
	  (to avoid confusion)

	* Change: Added Patch #842580 from Kennichi Uehara 'email transfer encoding to base64'

2005-04-14  Jay Rossiter <>  1.5.1-cvs-b1

	* Fix: Address PHP5 behavior change to unsetting string values

2005-04-13  Chris Kelly <>  1.5

	* 1.5 Release


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